A razor-sharp, rapidly-spinning, multi-toothed blade isn’t typically the kind of thing you want to get any part of your anatomy close to. In fact, I can only think of two possible explanations for ever willingly doing so: you’re a robot sent from the future to protect someone, or you’re a carpenter.

My guess is that the majority of you reading this article fall into the latter category. If not, keep reading; you may still find something useful in your battle against the cyborgs.

Woodworking is a pursuit that has no shortage of safety equipment – for excellent reasons. When practicing carpentry, you’re frequently using devices to carve, shear, tear up, and cut some of the toughest organic materials in the world. And these devices cannot be trusted to behave exactly as we need them to every single time.

Hence safety goggles, blade guards, riving knives, featherboards, and, as we finally arrive at the point of this article, the push block.

Push blocks are, essentially, tools that prevent the table saw blade from damaging your hands. They do so in various clever ways that we’ll get into in greater detail later.

Don’t let my glib tone fool you. I take woodworking safety extremely seriously, and I cannot stress the importance of using a push block. Most importantly, because it severely reduces the likelihood of causing yourself a serious injury. But they offer you the benefit of extra control over your work at the table saw.

With purpose-built safety gear protecting the carpenter’s hands, they’re free to work with greater speed and precision. They’ll have the confidence to make difficult, elegant cuts because there’s a perfectly designed piece of equipment protecting their digits.

Obviously, not all push blocks are created equal, and there’s a surprising variety of designs that are used in different ways suiting your budget and woodworking needs. So, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best table saw push block for each of our ten categories.

We’ll also be awarding one of these products with the Best Overall title because, as you’ll soon see, there’s one push block that’s comfortably ahead of the competition.

Also… I highly recommend sticking around until the end of the piece, where I’ll take a detailed look at the various considerations you should make when looking to buy your first table saw push block.

The 10 Best Table Saw Push Push Blocks for 2021

Here’s a quick note before we delve into the details: We’re taking a very liberal interpretation of the term “push block” in this article. While it typically refers to a very specific piece of safety equipment, we’re going to be casting our net a little wider in this article.

Essentially, we’ll be including any product or combination of products that serve the same basic purpose of preventing your fingers from being sawn off by your table saw. As you’ll see from our selection, there’s a lot of them – each with unique benefits and drawbacks. Some of the equipment we’re reviewing will also be appropriate for use on other types of saws. In these cases, we’ll be sure to point it out.

Let’s go! Here’s our selection of the ten best table saw push blocks for 2021:

  3. Fulton Safety Woodworking Push Block and Push Stick Package 5 Piece Set – BEST 5-PIECE PUSH BLOCK SAFETY KIT
  4. Delmar Tools Push Block For Table Saws – BEST MID PRICE ADJUSTABLE PUSH BLOCK
  5. POWERTEC 71009 5 Pack Safety Push Block and Stick Set – MOST DURABLE 5-PIECE SAFETY SET
  6. Milescraft 7334 Safety Bundle – BEST 3-PIECE PUSH BLOCK SAFETY KIT
  7. Fulton 2 Pack Safety Woodworking Push Sticks – MOST AFFORDABLE PUSH STICK
  10. Fulton 4 Piece Woodworking Safety Kit – BEST VALUE FOR MONEY SAFETY KIT



Material: Plastic and Green GRIP

Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches

Components: 1 x adjustable push block unit

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Additional uses: Router Tables, Band Saws, and Jointers

Color: Yellow

It’s an understatement to say that Microjig’s epic GRR-RIPPER sets the standard for woodworking safety. For a start, it offers the absolutely perfect blend of force in the three directions you need. Downward to keep the workpiece stable and prevent kickback, inward to hold the stock steady against the fence, and forward to control feed rate. This results in a level of safety and precision that’s unmatched by any product on the market.

This level of control is mostly as a result of the extreme gripping power this push block applies to the stock. Thanks to Microjig’s non-slip Green-GRIP material, it feels like this push block sinks its teeth into whatever you’re feeding through the blade.

Versatility is another thing that Microjig absolutely nails with the GRR-RIPPER. Three adjustable legs offer the woodworker an incredible amount of precision cutting options. With the right balance-support setting, you can comfortably grip and rip a section of stock as small as ¼-inch – no problem.

Customization and precision obviously mean nothing if the push block doesn’t offer premium protection. And, trust me on this, the GRR-RIPPER doesn’t stumble in this area. The construction materials are of superb quality – you definitely don’t need to worry about your hands not being adequately covered by premium-quality, hardened plastic. Tackle any reasonable table sawing project with the utmost confidence that your limbs are given unmatched protection.

The products we review in this list of the year’s best table saw push blocks have many excellent alternatives to the Microjig GRR-RIPPER 3D. Each of them offers a feature or two that compares with this awesome push block offers, but none offer its combination of features.

There is no better table saw push block on the market today. It’s as simple as that. It does come at a cost, however, so be prepared to pay significantly more than some of the other excellent options on our list.


  • A terrific combination of the downward, inward, and forward forces.
  • Excellent protection against kickback.
  • Three-leg customization results in an unmatched level of configuration and cutting precision.


  • Quite a bit more pricey than other excellent options on our list.

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Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 8 x 5.5 x 4.65 inches

Components: 1 x adjustable push block unit

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Additional uses: Router tables, band saws, and jointers

Color: Yellow

Let’s keep this one simple, shall we? The GRR-RIPPER “Advanced” 3D push block offers exactly what our top choice product does: Supreme control and grip, superb safety features, and excellent versatility. However, it does add another benefit that you may or may not consider worth the additional price: additional control.

The GRR-RIPPER “Advanced” 3D push block ships with two additional features in a stabilizing plate and an adjustable spacer.

Neither of these features is must-haves by any means, but there’s no denying that they offer the woodworker a noticeably wider range of cutting options than the standard GRR-RIPPER does. The product ships with a handy DVD that covers the multitude of ways that the two extra features can be used to expand your woodworking repertoire, and believe me, there are plenty.

On the whole, this is a terrific, albeit the most expensive item on our list. I can’t see these extra features and the cost at which they come, justifying the “advanced” model taking the “best overall” title from its cousin. But it was a close battle.

This is a terrific piece of equipment, and if you can find the extra money, I highly recommend it.


  • It offers all of the benefits that the standard GRR-RIPPER does.
  • Additional features for maximized versatility.
  • Supreme precision and safety. One of the best products on the market today.


  • Very costly, when compared with other items on our list.

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3. Fulton Safety Woodworking Push Block and Push Stick Package 5 Piece Set – BEST 5-PIECE PUSH BLOCK SAFETY KIT

Material: Plastic and foam rubber

Dimensions: 16.57 x 7.32 x 3.5 inches (package)

Components: 2 x small push blocks, 1 x long push block, 1 x standard-width push stick, 1 x narrow push v stick

Weight: 2.09 pounds (package)

Additional uses: Router tables, band saws, shapers, and jointers

Color: Safety orange

Some push blocks come in combo kits packed with safety equipment that does the same thing as a push block but isn’t a push block. Are you still with me after that complicated sentence?

Fulton offers the best of this breed with their 5-piece push block and push stick package. Individually, these items are an exercise in simplicity. They each offer a way to get the stock through the saw safely, although in some cases, with somewhat less precision than a more specialized tool like the GRR-RIPPER.

As a whole package, however, the  Fulton Safety Woodworking Push Block and Push Stick Package offers a remarkable amount of versatility and safety. In the buyer’s guide below, I’ll go into greater detail on the actual components that comprise this pack. You can see what these are in the Components section above.

For now, suffice it to say that each individual component offers an excellent method of getting your materials through a table saw in various ways. The main reason I’ve selected the Fulton ahead of the remarkably similar POWERTEC 71009 (see #5 below) is because of the former’s amazingly affordable price.

For what you’re paying and what you’re getting, this is an incredible deal, and user reviews on Amazon would agree with me on this.


  • Incredibly affordable, given the quality and versatility of the products.
  • Safety orange color makes the tools easy to differentiate from your work material.
  • Second-most popular product on our list.


  • Working with a 5-piece set isn’t as convenient as a single, purpose-built push block.

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4. Delmar Tools Push Block For Table Saws – BEST MID PRICE ADJUSTABLE PUSH BLOCK

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 7.56 x 5.59 x 4.93 inches

Components: 1 x adjustable push block unit

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Additional uses: N/A

Color: Safety orange

For a far more affordable alternative to the overachieving GRR-RIPPER products, look no further than the Delmar Tools push block. Coming in at almost half the price of our Best Overall Push Block winner, the Delmar offers more-than-adequate versatility and durability while sacrificing nothing in the area of safety.

As with its main competitor, the brightly colored safety-orange Delmar is a single-unit push block that allows the woodworker the option to adjust the width tunnel – allowing for a wide range of cuts. Impressively, the Delmar is capable of confidently gripping a piece of stock for a rip cut as small as ¼-inch.

One of the Delmar’s main features is its ability to control both sides of the stock – offering excellent control and grip. This is a major safety benefit as it severely reduces the likelihood of kickback – every woodworker’s nightmare.

Ease of use and convenience is also a major benefit that the Delmar brings to the table. Adjusting the center-leg to enable a change in widths is done via a super-convenient wheel mechanism placed right at the user’s thumb.


  • Specializes in ripping thin stock on a table saw.
  • Highly adjustable for maximum cut variation.
  • Innovative balance-wheel allows the user to easily set up cuts of different widths.


  • Doesn’t offer the same level of control as its more expensive competitors.

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5. POWERTEC 71009 5 Pack Safety Push Block and Stick Set – MOST DURABLE 5-PIECE SAFETY SET

Material: Plastic and foam

Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 3 inches (package)

Components: 1 x long hold-down push block, 2 x short hold-down push blocks, 1 x safe v stick, 1 x straight push stick

Weight: 1.96 lbs (package)

Additional uses: Router tables, shapers, band saws, and jointers

Color: Safety orange

This super durable and versatile 5-piece push block and woodworking safety set is almost an exact replica of the Fulton Safety Woodworking Push Block and Push Stick Package 5 Piece Set reviewed above.

Ir offers the same five components, albeit with a slightly hardier, sturdier feel to the material. Several customers who reviewed the product also called out the POWERTEC 71009’s durability as its primary benefit.

Each item has been excellently crafted from high-quality plastic and foam that offers an excellent grip on your stock. Despite not being one of the more prestigious items on our list, it’s still very popular with Amazon customers and offers great grip and control.

It’s slightly more expensive than the Fulton 5-piece, though, so it’s your call if you want to cough up an extra couple of dollars for a product with a slightly more durable feel to it.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy.
  • Offers excellent versatility across five high-quality components.
  • One of the most affordable products on our list.


  • As with the Fulton, it’s not as convenient as working with a single, purpose-built push block.

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6. Milescraft 7334 Safety Bundle – BEST 3-PIECE PUSH BLOCK SAFETY KIT

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 10.5 x 8 x 4 inches (package)

Components: 1 x Feather board, 1 x grabber push block, 1 x push stick

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Additional uses: Router tables, jointers, and band saws

Color: Yellow

This unique, attractive safety set includes three components, one being a featherboard, a tool that not many of the items we review here offer. If you’re unfamiliar with this item, head down to the Buyer’s Guide section below, where I’ll elaborate a little more on how this tool is used.

The Milescraft 7334 Safety Bundle is an affordable three-piece set that offers everything a woodworker needs to confidently use their table saw without fear of nasty injuries.

The featherboard’s split-rail construction and pre-loaded tension design mean that it offers excellent holding pressure. Despite being part of a combo kit, this is a high-quality featherboard that offers the user a ton of value.

The other two items in the bundle are slightly simpler in their application but are no less effective at providing safety. Both the grabber and the push stick are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and a very stable grip. They’re constructed from high-quality, durable plastic and are designed to last.

The grabber has a diamond-grip rubber bottom for excellent holding power and traction on the stock being pushed through the saw blade.

The push stick handle is designed in such a way that the user’s hand is tilted away from the blade without compromising control.

This is a smartly designed three-piece safety kit that’s selling for a very reasonable price.


  • Includes a high-quality featherboard – a unique and very useful safety tool for saw blade cutting.
  • All three components are well-designed and comfortable to use.
  • Very affordable, given the variety of components


  • A design issue with the featherboard makes narrow cuts a little inconvenient to set up for narrow cuts.

Check price on amazon

7. Fulton 2 Pack Safety Woodworking Push Sticks – MOST AFFORDABLE SAFETY OPTION

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 12.99 x 4.84 x 1.85 inches (package)

Components: 2 x identical push sticks

Weight: 11.3 ounces (package)

Additional uses: Router tables, shapers, and jointers

Color: Safety orange and black

Sometimes you just gotta have the basics, and the Fulton 2 Pack Safety Woodworking Push Sticks is exactly that. Simple, super affordable, extremely effective at what it does.

As with most push sticks, the Fulton 2 Pack is fantastic at keeping your hands as far away from the saw blade as possible while still offering an adequate level of control. See more on the differences between push sticks and push blocks in the Buyer’s Guide section below.

The notch in these push sticks is a perfect 90 degrees for great grip and control. The handles are comfortable to hold and made from very durable material.

A really cute and surprisingly useful feature of these two push sticks is the magnets embedded in the handles. This allows the sticks to be clamped against the side of your metal table for easy storage and access. This sounds like a gimmick, but trust me, it’s actually super useful, and I really appreciated this feature.

But what really sets the Fulton 2 Pack apart from other push sticks (and pretty much all the safety options on this list) is the price. Seriously, click through to the Amazon page and have a look – these babies are an absolute steal! If you’re on a strict budget, don’t think twice.


  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Capable of creating very narrow cuts.
  • Handy magnets make storage extremely easy and convenient.


  • It doesn’t offer the level of downward pressure that a push block offers – raising the risk of kickback.

Check price on amazon


Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Components: 1 x Standard push block

Weight: 2.24 ounces

Additional uses: Router tables, band saws, and jointers

Color: Yellow

Standard push blocks don’t come better than Microjig’s GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Push block. Although, filing this under “basic” may be a bit of a stretch. This product does offer some moving parts, but nothing that compares to its illustrious “3D” cousins.

What this push block offers is affordability, excellent downward pressure to avoid kickback, and very durable construction.

In addition to the high-quality rubber grip that maximizes downward and forwards pressure, the GRR-RIP BLOCK also has a retractable heel mechanism that allows the user to get extra purchase on the back-end of the stock if necessary. Being retractable, this feature doesn’t interfere with the normal application of the push-block as it’s pushed down onto the stock’s flat surface.

As with the other Microjig products, you can expect the proprietary Green GRR-RIP rubber underneath the push block. This material offers superb holding power as you apply downward, inward, and forward force onto the stock.

When it comes to doing the basics right, this product is an absolute winner, and at a terrific price, too. If you often find yourself cutting large sections of material, I recommend picking up two of these for maximum control.

Reviews for this standard push block are also pretty great. Very few of the options on our list receive the amount of 5-star reviews than the GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Push block. Buy it with the utmost confidence that you’re getting something extremely useful.


  • Durable, affordable, and highly useful standard push block.
  • Retractable heel technology for additional forward force.
  • Offers Microjig’s excellent Green GRR-RIP rubber technology.


  • Doesn’t offer the same level of safety and versatility of an adjustable push block.

Check price on amazon


Material: Plastic and rubber

Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 6 inches

Components: 2 x identical push blocks

Weight: 0.85 lbs

Additional uses: Radial saws, jointers, and shapers

Color: Safety orange

There’s affordable safety equipment, and then there’s the POWERTEC 71032 2-Pack Push Block set. Look, I’ll be honest, you’re getting the absolute basics here with these push blocks. No fancy retractable heels. Nothing remotely resembling an adjustable component. This is as simple as it gets.

However, with TWO of these perfect little push blocks in the package and at an incredible price, I can’t recommend the POWERTEC 71032 highly enough. If you’re on a budget and just want the basics for a simple job, there’s only one product that can compare with this one – the Fulton 2-piece push stick.

These push blocks are lightweight, extremely durable, fit comfortably in your hands, and, when used in combination, the amount of downward force they generate virtually eliminates the risk of kickback. The rubber surface offers a terrific amount of grip for forward pressure, allowing you to feed the stock through the blade at a decent rate.

Don’t let the simplicity of these guys fool you into thinking you’re not getting a valuable product. They offer the absolute basics, but sometimes, that’s all you need.


  • Two great standard push blocks in one package.
  • Fantastic price for a high-quality product.
  • The rubber offers a terrific grip on your stock.


  • It doesn’t offer the same level of versatility that an adjustable push block offers.

Check price on amazon

10. Fulton 4 Piece Woodworking Safety Kit – BEST VALUE FOR MONEY SAFETY KIT

Material: Plastic, foam, rubber

Dimensions: 10.12 x 7.99 x 3.46 inches (package)

Components: 1 x feather board, 1 x push stick, 1 x straight handle push block, 1 x angled handle push block

Weight: 2.05 lbs (package)

Additional uses: Router tables, band saws, shapers, and jointers

Color: Safety orange and black

Just when you thought we’d covered the best value for money safety equipment, along comes the Fulton 4-piece Woodworking Safety Kit. At virtually the same price as some of the most affordable one-piece kits on our list, Fulton’s 4 piece set sacrifices virtually nothing in terms of versatility and quality. Plus, it’s one of only two products on our list that includes a featherboard.

The bases of both push blocks are covered with soft rubber foam for a decent grip that results in great downward and forward pressure on the stock. Each of the push blocks has a different grip, so you can use the one which suits the job and your ergonomic preferences best.

The featherboard comes with expanding miter bars, which means that it can be secured into both standard ¾” and wide ⅜” miter slots.

Fulton 4-piece’s push stick also has embedded magnets in its handle, making for convenient storage on the side of your metal table saw.

All-in-all, for its price, this is a terrific deal. It doesn’t quite measure up to the quality of some of the more expensive items on our list, but if you’re looking for versatility on a budget, you cannot go wrong with the Fulton 4 Piece Woodworking Safety Kit.


  • Excellent versatility at an amazon price.
  • Magnets in the push stick handle make for convenient storage.
  • Two different types of push block handle for extra convenience.


  • The push blocks themselves are a little basic and offer little in terms of configuration.

Check price on amazon

Our Table Saw Push Block Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve read the reviews of each of these items, you’d realize by now that the term “push blocks” actually covers a wide variety of safety equipment. The wider the spectrum of equipment we’re reviewing, the more variables there are to consider before making your purchase.

If you’re a first-time buyer, this section will help you cut down on the confusion. Let’s take a look at what you should bear in mind before you click the “Buy” button.

What Are the Different Types of Push Blocks and Their Alternatives?

To me, choosing the right kind of push block (and again, I’m using this term to include push sticks and featherboards) is the most important consideration when making this critical investment in the project’s success and the longevity of your limbs.

If you’re a novice and unsure which of these types of push blocks are right for your project, do additional research, consult with a professional or contact the manufacturer.

I can’t stress this highly enough. There’s a LOT you can do on a table saw. There’s a ton of different materials that can be cut in many different ways. And for each of these uses, one particular type of push block may be better than another.

Standard Push Blocks

This isn’t an official woodworking term, but I’m using it in this article to differentiate between push blocks that offer the basic function of just holding the stock in place with the most basic of features. It’s super easy to use them. You just grip the handle, press down onto your stock, and push forward and down, feeding the stock through the saw blade.

The two most important features of a “basic” push block are its handles and the rubber or foam bases that grip the stock. The former needs to be comfortable enough for prolonged use, and the latter must offer enough traction for efficient cutting.

I’m happy to say that each of the “Basic” push blocks we reviewed in this article offers more than adequate quality in these two areas.

Note that I did include the MICROJIG GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Push Block in this category since none of its components are technically adjustable. It does, however, offer a smart little feature – the retractable heel mechanism – that raises it above its competition.

Two-Handed (Long) Push Blocks

Two of the items we review in this piece ship with “long” push blocks. They’re, quite simply, longer versions of the abovementioned standard push block. They offer two grips set on top of a single, solid component that applies pressure over a larger surface area of the stock.

These are very handy push blocks if you’re cutting stock that needs exceptional downward and forward pressure and you’re looking to minimize the likelihood of kickback.

Adjustable Push Blocks

These are the “basic” push blocks’ more sophisticated big brothers. While ostensibly offering the same interaction with the stock, adjustable push blocks come with a wide variety of configurable components.

These adjustments allow the woodworker greater control over the cutting process, increased safety and are essential in projects where you frequently need to make precision cuts.

These push blocks typically grip the stock with a number of adjustable contact points – or “legs,” allowing for unmatched control and also additional pressure inward, towards the table saw’s fence.

Adjustable push blocks are typically far more expensive than not only standard push blocks but also entire sets of woodworking safety gear. If you’re a serious hobbyist or a professional, who uses a table saw frequently for a wide variety of cuts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have at least one of these items in your arsenal.

Push Sticks

As their name suggests, push sticks differ from push blocks in that they’re used to apply mostly forward pressure from behind the stock. They’re best used when you’re cutting stock that doesn’t need an awful amount of downward pressure, and kickback is extremely unlikely.

Their tips (the parts that make contact with the stock) are typically V-shaped, at an angle that’s close to 90 degrees. This allows for maximum control of the lumber and reduces the chances of slipping.

The benefits of push sticks are that they keep your hands very far away from the blade, something that may be a priority for novice woodworkers. Just be aware that this does come at the expense of control and is not ideal when cutting stock that needs a great amount of downward pressure.


Featherboards differ from the other tools reviewed in this article in that they hold the stock in place without the user applying manual pressure. Typically, they’re fixed to the table saw and adjusted to apply sideways pressure onto the stock into the fence while the user pushes the stock forwards through the blade.

I don’t recommend featherboards for a first-time buyer or as the only piece of safety equipment you use in this safety capacity. They’re perfect for certain projects that need exceptional control over pressure on the stock, but I wouldn’t regard them as must-haves for casual woodworkers.

Bear Your Project and Equipment In Mind

Before investing in a push block and considering one that we haven’t covered in this review, it’s really important that you know what you’ll be using the push block for. This article focuses on push blocks that are either purpose-built for table saws or can be used on table saws.

Most of these products have multiple applications, and we call these out as “Additional uses,” but rest assured, they’re all perfect for table saws. But when looking elsewhere for your next push block, make sure you are picking one that’s been designed for use on a table saw.

Frequently Asked Questions About Push Blocks for Table Saws

What are the best table saw push blocks made from?

The best table saw push blocks are primarily made from hardened plastic. Their handles can be made from similar material, but in some cases aren’t. Different manufacturers use different gripping material on the bottom surface of the push block – usually rubber or foam.

Will I need to replace the rubber grips on my table saw push block?

Yes, the rubber or foam grips on your push blocks will degrade over time and will need to be replaced. This is highly recommended for high-end, adjustable push blocks like the GRR-RIPPER series. However, in some cases, it will be easier or cheaper to simply replace the entire push block rather than the grip.

How do I use a table saw push block?

The best way to use a table saw push block is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Given the various types of table saw push blocks and their different applications, it’s essential that you follow the guidelines specified by the supplier. Only purchase a push block that is accompanied by sufficient instructions in the form of a booklet, DVD, or online informational resource.

Should I remove my table saw’s blade guard before using push blocks?

Yes, you cannot use a push block effectively while your table saw’s blade guard is in place. While the blade guard is an important safety feature, it’s absolutely essential, and, for many projects, the safety benefits of a push block outweigh those of a blade guard.