When making a purchase of such an extent, knowing every little detail and feature the product has to offer is a must. Because to get the best hybrid table saw to suit your needs, you’ll have to know what to search for in a table saw before spending big bucks on it. It all depends on the type of work and cuts you plan to do with the saw.

For these reasons, we made this buying guide to help you make the right decision when buying a hybrid table saw. We’ll start the guide by giving a little introduction on table saws, then review the best hybrid table saw products, and for the end, we’ll list the most important features these hybrid table saws have to offer. All of this should spare you from further research to not waste more time, so you can start cutting materials as soon as possible with your new power tool.

Now let’s begin with a little introduction on table saws and its types, specifically the hybrid one.

About Table Saws

When it comes to woodworking, there’s hardly a better power tool than the table saw. Its versatility, power, quality and relative ease of use make it a very popular and most certainly a very useful tool. And the best thing about the table saw is that it can be used by both professionals and beginners.

Depending on the type, table saws can be very portable and suited for contractors who often change worksites. While some of the less powerful table saws for example are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and novices.

The table saw consists of a tabletop with a hole in it designed to allow the circular saw blade to stick through it and cut the workpiece. The blade is mounted on an arbor to keep it tight and all of this is powered by an electric motor.

Most modern table saws come with the ability to adjust the blade’s height which allows the user to set the depth of the cut. The higher the blade sticks out through the tabletop, the deeper you’ll be able to cut in the working material. The same logic applies to lower blade height, except you get a shallower cut.

They also can make angled cuts by adjusting the blade’s angle. And this is a great feature because on the older table saw models you had to tilt the table to achieve such feat.

Table Saw Types

Today we can differentiate many table saw types, but in general, the major ones are:

  • Benchtop
  • Jobsite
  • Compact
  • Cabinet
  • Contractor
  • Mini and micro
  • Sliding
  • Hybrid

All of these table saw types have their purpose, features, strengths and weaknesses. Not all of them are designed to do the same job and to provide the same quality. Also, depending on their safety features, some are more dangerous to use than the others.

For example, Benchtop and Jobsite table saws are very similar power tools and in general are the easiest to use. The Benchtop table saw is aimed towards beginners or hobbyists for DIY projects because of its weak motor, and is great for transportation due to its lightweight design. While the Jobsite table saw is aimed towards professional and comes with a more powerful motor, but has almost identical other features.

The Compact table saw is bigger and heavier than the previous two, so it comes with a stationary stand. Then you have the Contractor and Cabinet table saws who are the heavy-duty saws and have the most powerful motors. The Sliding table saw is a European version of the cabinet saw while the Mini & micro are by far the smallest table saws as their names indicate.

It would be great to explain more about their features and abilities separately even further, but this time we are here for the hybrid table saw.

However, you can check our guide on Best Contractor Table Saw for more information on them.

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

Well, the hybrid table saw is a combination of contractor and cabinet table saws, hence the name hybrid. They are usually stationary due to their size and weight, but those who have more prominent “contractor” features are smaller and can even be portable. In general, however, hybrid saws weight less than cabinet saws and more than contractor table saws. Perfectly in the middle.

One of the best things about the hybrid table saw is that it offers some of the best features cabinet saws have, but for a much cheaper price. That’s why these table saws fare well with hobbyists as well.

Normally, these hybrid table saws are equipped with a strong 1.3 to 2 hp (horsepower) motor that can perfectly run on a standard 120-volt American socket. However, there are some more powerful saws with 3 hp or higher and they need a 220-volt supply.

The hybrid table saw is fully enclosed and as opposed to other saws, the motor is located inside the machinery instead of on the back. And because of the fully enclosed design, these table saws typically have good dust collection systems.

However, just because they are a combination of cabinet and contractor table saws, doesn’t mean that they don’t have their unique features. For example – the drive mechanism can be a single v-belt, multiple v-belts or serpentine belt. Some hybrid table saws also have a sliding table option that will provide for more quality cross-cuts.

Now that we got a bit more familiar with the topic, let’s review some of the best hybrid table saws on the market.

Best 9 Hybrid Table Saws in 2021 [Reviews]


1. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)
2. Goplus Benchtop Table Saw with Metal Stand, Sliding Miter Gauge, Aluminum Tabletop
3. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence
4. Delta 5-Hp Unisaw with 52″ Biesemeyer Fence
5. DEWALT DWE7491X 10 In. Table Saw with Scissor Stand
6. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence
7. Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife
8. Jet 725005K ProShop II 115V 52″ Rip Stamped Steel, White
9. Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX – 10″ 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

*Note: Dimensions are Length – Width – Height (L x W x H)

1. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)

Dimensions: 26.65 x 14.08 x 27.15 inches
Weight: 53.3 lbs
Motor: 15 amp
Voltage: 120 V

Starting the list for best hybrid table saw with a DeWalt power tool is always a good idea. Especially when the product is DWE7485, one of DeWalt’s highest-rated and probably the best hybrid table saw that they have put on the market in recent years.

The DWE7485 first became available on Amazon on January 20, 2020, and since then it has climbed to the number #4 spot on the ‘table saw’ category. It has some of the finest reviews and ratings you’ve ever seen and it comes at a reasonable price on top of it.

This superb hybrid table saw comes with a powerful 15-amp motor that can produce a no-load cutting speed up to 5,800 RPM (revolutions per minute). Considering the power DWE7485 has, you won’t have any trouble performing various types of cutting applications on your working material.

However, as we all know power isn’t the only important feature the best hybrid table saws have to offer. The rip capacity, fence, blade, construction material, safety and dust collection system among other great features, also play part in defining the saw’s quality.

And the rip capacity on the DeWalt DWE7485 stands at 24.5-inches. Meaning, it’s considered as one of the bigger table saws and you’ll be able to cut larger workpieces. Cutting 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets for example, won’t be a problem with this saw.

The fence has a rack and pinion telescoping fence rails so you can make fast, smooth and accurate adjustments to it. While the blade on the other hand is 8-1/4-inch and can limit the depth of the cut. However, due to its size, you can run it at higher RPM and make clean, smooth cuts.


  • Metal roll cage to guarantee you toughness and durability on the worksite
  • Great onboard storage for easy access to your push stick and other tools when not in use
  • Compact size for easier transportation and no issue with storing it
  • Whole package also includes a miter gauge and blade change wrenches
  • Great safety features: modular guard system, riving knife, push stick, anti-kickback pawls


  • Comes with an 8-1/4-inch blade that limits the depth of the cut
  • Smart compact and lightweight design for portability but doesn’t come with wheels

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2. Goplus Benchtop Table Saw with Metal Stand, Sliding Miter Gauge, Aluminum Tabletop

Dimensions: 29.13 x 22.68 x 14.88 inches
Weight: 46 lbs
Motor: 15-amp
Voltage: 120

Next one for review is the Goplus table saw with metal stand and aluminum tabletop among the other features that we’ll go through in a moment.

To begin with, this table saw is also equipped with a strong 15-amp motor but can reach a no-load cutting speed of 5,000 RPM. 15-amp roughly translates to 2 hp which is the perfect amount of power a DIY enthusiast or even a professional contractor needs. With it you can effortlessly cut through harder materials.

And not only you can rip hardwood easily with the Goplus table saw – thanks to the solid 26-inch rip capacity you can cut larger workpieces as well. The heavy-duty metal stand will ensure you stability when cutting even the biggest materials while the aluminum-coated tabletop will allow you smooth sliding and no jamming.

Nevertheless, we all know that power and capacity are nothing without a great blade. Which is why this table saw comes with an excellent universal 10-inch carbide-tipped blade with 36 teeth. With it you can seamlessly do all types of cuts. Plus, you won’t have to worry about injuries because the blade’s transparent guard and riving knives will protect you while woodworking.

Another great feature this hybrid table saw has to offer is the hand wheel with which you can control the blade’s height. So, whether you like to do slotting, ripping or cutting, just use the large hand wheel to adjust the blade lifting.

Then you have the self-aligning rip fence with a parallel guide on both sides for more secure and accurate cutting. The sliding miter gauge can be adjusted from -45° to 45 degrees for crosscuts. While the double bevel cutting can go from 0 to 45 degrees.


  • Great onboard storage for the push stick, wrenches and other tools when not in use
  • On and Off safety switch button for overload protection
  • Good rip capacity, aluminum tabletop and strong motor for cutting bigger and thicker workpieces
  • Self-aligning rip fence, miter gauge and excellent 10-inch blade with 36T
  • Portable table saw due to its lightweight and compact design


  • Weak dust collecting system with no dust port for attaching vacuum

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3. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 53 inches
Weight: 465 lbs
Motor: 1.75 hp
Voltage: 115 V

Third in line is the Powermatic PM1000 1791001k model table saw that comes with an impressive 50-inch fence.

The Powermatic PM1000 hybrid table saw is equipped with a good 1.75 hp motor that can help you to cut most materials with ease. And unlike other saws on our list, the PM1000 requires only 115 volts to run smoothly. You can plug it in any standard American household power outlet without issues about performance.

Another great feature this cabinet table saw has to offer is the 10-inch blade that guarantees you a variety of quality cuts in various materials. And the best thing about it, is the fact that you’ll always have the blade area clean and visible while cutting. If you may wonder why, the answer is quite simple – a first-class dust collection hose. The hose will keep the working environment clean, the visibility better than ever, thus minimizing the chances of unwanted errors or accidents.

Furthermore, the table saw also has a brilliant hands free power switch placed below the tabletop. In case of emergency, you can turn off the machine just with your lower extremities.

The miter gauge on the Powermatic has the ability to pivot 60 degrees on both left and right side. This feature allows the user to adjust the saw for a variety of cuts.


  • The table saw has a great 5-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Tool-less guard assembly feature with easy-to-use independent side leaves
  • Impressive dust collection hose to keep the jobsite clean
  • Blade guard assembly and secure fencing system for increased safety


  • One of the most expensive hybrid table saws on our guide list

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4. Delta 5-Hp Unisaw with 52″ Biesemeyer Fence

Dimensions: 40 x 44 x 50 inches
Weight: 650 lbs
Motor: 5 hp
Voltage: 220V

A demon with stupendous power and marvelous accuracy – that’s how satisfied customers describe the Delta 5-hp hybrid table saw.

In contrast to the previous tools on our list for best hybrid table saw, the Delta 36-L552 comes with almost triple the horsepower. With the amazing 5 hp motor you’ll be able to do woodworking, cabinet making and even boat building effortlessly.

The Delta table saw has a stellar single-cast trunnion system that reduces vibration to minimum and gives the user smooth experience when cutting a material. All this leads to increased accuracy, of course. Although, that’s not all when it comes to stability. The cabinet construction on this saw is made out of a cast-iron base which provides further sturdiness and stability

Moreover, there’s the universal 10-inch blade that can reach a no-load cutting speed up to 4,300 RPM. Then you have the dual front cranks that allow easy adjustments to the blade’s height and to position the blade for accurate, quality bevels.

In addition to all this, the saw also has a large switch ON/OFF button that can easily be activated from any angle. Other safety measures include a great riving knife and a split blade guard.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Bi-level dust collection technology to extract debris and keep it clean
  • 52-inch Biesemeyer fence and bevel dial for blade bevel tuning
  • Expandable storage under the table board for tools not in use
  • Cast-iron base for increased stability and single-cast trunnion system for reduced vibration


  • By far the heaviest hybrid table saw on the list
  • Requires 220V power outlet to run smoothly

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5. DEWALT DWE7491X 10 In. Table Saw with Scissor Stand

Dimensions: 26.75 x 26.75 x 30.25 inches
Weight: 87 lbs
Motor: 15 amp
Voltage: 120V

The second DeWalt power tool on guide for best hybrid table saw in 2021 is the DWE7491X saw with scissor stand.

This relatively lightweight table saw has a powerful 15-amp motor inside it, to help you cut even the largest and hardest wood materials without trouble. And the scissor stand design of the saw will provide for stability so you don’t experience wobbliness when operating on it.

Also, when we said you’ll cut large materials easily, we meant it. Why? Because the DWE7491X table saw has an impressive 32-1/2-inch rip capacity. When you combine this with the great 10-inch carbide-tipped 24T blade you get a very pleasant cutting experience.

With the site-pro modular guarding system on the other hand, you have the ability to make quick tool-free adjustments of the guarding elements depending on the cutting application applied. Then you have the 2-1/2″ dust collection port to connect a vacuum to increase visibility and get rid of debris.

The whole package includes a push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, 2 blade wrenches and blade guard assembly.


  • Rack & pinion telescoping fence system for quick, smooth and accurate fence adjustments
  • Lightweight with great scissor design for fast assembly and portability
  • Material support and narrow rip cuts thanks to the two-position flip-over fence
  • Ability to connect a vacuum to a 2-1/2-inch” dust collection port
  • Great onboard storage system with fast access to the blade guard assembly


  • Wheels would come in handy for even easier transportation

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6. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence

Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 53 inches
Weight: 418 lbs
Motor: 1-3/4 hp
Voltage: 115V

Similar to the first Powermatic hybrid table saw above, this one offers more or less the same qualities and features. One of the main differences being the fence’s size – on this model we have a 30-inch fence instead of a 50-inch one.

Considering the saw’s size, weight and power, this is a highly efficient energy-saving hybrid table. When compared to other hybrid and cabinet table saws, the Powermatic PM1000 is an absolute winner for the least power usage alongside the Jet saw. It requires only 115V to work perfectly fine at highest capacity and provide the best performance.

The 1-3/4 hp motor isn’t the most powerful one out there, but it still can deliver fantastic results. Especially because of the poly-v belt that ensures stability and significantly reduces vibrations thus maximizing efficiency.

Using the pivoting miter gauge that can tilt up to 60 degrees on both sides, you can easily make blade adjustments for various angled cuts. The 10-inch blade is there to help you execute those cuts flawlessly.


  • Cast-iron table for increased durability and toughness
  • Great dust collection hose to keep the jobsite clean
  • Guaranteed accuracy thanks to Powermatic’s 30″ Accu-Fence system
  • Hands-free power switch underneath the table and tool-less guard assembly


  • Doesn’t have the most powerful motor out there and can be tricky to move due to its weight
  • Smaller 30-inch fence compared to the 50-inch fence Powermatic PM1000

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7. Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

Dimensions: 82 x 45-1/2 x 40 inches
Weight: 528 lbs
Motor: 3 hp
Voltage: 220VD

Next on the list for best hybrid table saw in 2021 is the Shop Fox W1820 power tool that comes with an extension table.

The Shop Fox W1820 is a heavy-duty table saw with powerful motor and amazing rip capacity. With the 3 hp motor beneath it, there’s hardly a material that won’t be cut with ease. And the triple belt drive on top of it only adds to the performance and quality of the table saw.

To prove that this is a quality saw built to last – I’ll just mention the cast-iron table and wings alongside the gigantic cast-iron trunnions who reduce vibrations and increase efficiency.

With the extension table added on the Shop Fox W1820, you get a massive 50-inch rip capacity. On it, you can easily reach the center of a plywood sheet. The extension table has adjustable legs made of steel for stability.

Unlike the hybrid table saws so far, Shop Fox W1820 has a miter fence with a flip stop that ensures fantastic support for cutting longer workpieces. Something that a miter gauge alone can’t provide.


  • Great 4-inch dust collection port with the ability to connect a vacuum
  • Anti-kickback pawls, blade guard assembly, riving knife and spreader as safety features
  • Ability to make bevel and miter cuts from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Has a magnetic switch, T-fence and heavy cast hand-wheels as well


  • Comes with only a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • The mobile base is optional so be careful when buying if you want it

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8. Jet 725005K ProShop II 115V 52″ Rip Stamped Steel, White

Dimensions: 82 x 40 x 43 inches
Weight: 286 lbs
Motor: 1-3/4 hp
Voltage: 115V

Jet presents you the 725005k ProShop II – their version of the hybrid contractor-cabinet table saw. It’s a very innovative and unique table saw that has its own advantages and weaknesses compared to its peers.

First of all, there’s the innovative single belt design that can minimize vibrations and reduces belt tensions. Then you have a new design on the arbor lock which allows you to make quick and easy blade changes. However, that’s not all. Thanks to the quick release, you can change riving knifes fast and easy as well.

The 1-3/4 hp motor isn’t the saw’s greatest feature, but it still produces enough power to effortlessly cut through most wood materials. Similar to the 30″ fence Powermatic PM1000 model, a highly efficient energy-saving hybrid table saw that requires only 115V to run smoothly.

This hybrid table saw is equipped with a 10-inch blade that can reach a no-load cutting speed up to 4,000 RPM. it also has a redesigned transparent blade guard with independent leaves.

Whole package also includes a low profile riving knife, onboard storage, magnetic paddle switch and a T-slot miter gauge with stops.


  • Cast-iron table and rip capacity of either 30″ or 52-inch
  • 5-year warranty by the manufacturer
  • New and improved dust shroud next to the blade and a 4″ dust port as well
  • CSA certified


  • Has a weaker motor than most saws on our guide just like the Powermatic PM1000 with 30″ fence

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9. Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX – 10″ 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

Dimensions: 29.5 x 30.5 x 39.75 inches
Weight: 547 lbs
Motor: 5 hp
Voltage: 240V

The last power tool to be reviewed on our guide for best hybrid table saw in 2021 is the Grizzly industrial G1023RLWX saw with a built-in router table. As the name of the company Grizzly already indicates, this is a proper beast of a machine.

It’s equipped with a stunning 5 hp motor that can produce a no-load cutting speed up to 4,200 RPM. And unlike the Jet or Powermatic hybrid table saw, this one isn’t that efficient because it requires a 240v circuit.

A great feature of the G1023RLWX is the Poly-V serpentine belt drive that minimizes vibrations, keeps it quiet and increases efficiency. The cast-iron router table is a great addition to this model as well. And what differentiates it from the other table saws are the support legs and the universal T-track router clamping system.

To avoid involuntary damage to the miter gauge when retracting it, this hybrid table saw has T-slots to keep it from falling. But when it comes to safety measurements, Grizzly added a blade guard, riving knife, splitter guard and a double lockout so that no one but you can use the machinery.


  • Includes a Shop Fox classic fence alongside regular and dado inserts
  • Ability to quickly change the riving knife and splitter guard
  • Cast-iron table and extension wings for strength and durability
  • Encapsulated blade underside for superior dust collection system including a 4″ dust port


  • It’s a proper heavyweight table saw so it’s hard to move or carry
  • Not the easiest one for assembling if you aren’t professional

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Buyer's Guide for Hybrid Table Saw

As we already said at the very beginning of this guide – buying the best hybrid table saw that will suit your needs, isn’t a walk in the park. To make the right decision, you’ll need to do deep, thorough research on the topic, and to know exactly what type of job tasks you’ll perform with the table saw. The latter is especially important in this situation. Why? Because not every hybrid table saw offers the same features. And you need to know if the features offered by the table saw meet your requirements.

This is important because if you are looking for raw power, then you need to get a table saw with a strong motor. If you want efficiency and stability, then look for table saws that offer those features. Same when it comes to making smooth cuts, having safety features or the ability to transport the saw.

When you know what you want to achieve with the table saw, and what the power tool’s features mean – you’ll just have to read our product reviews and choose the best hybrid table saw for your needs.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the features and their designated roles on the table saw.

Motor Power

As mentioned at the introductory part of our guide for the best hybrid table saw in 2021 – these are powerful machines that normally have a motor power ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 hp. However, often they come with a 3.0 to 5.0 hp motors that require a 240V power circuits.

If you plan to make deeper cuts or cut stronger materials, you’ll need a hybrid table saw with more horsepower. However, more horsepower may lead to instability that can lessen the accuracy while cutting.

Blades & Precision

Depending on the type of materials you plan to cut and whether you want a greater variety of cuts, then the blade’s material, tooth count and size also play a big part in it. So make sure you get the saw with the best blade for the work you’ll do. For example, don’t get a blade below 10-inches if you plan to make deeper cuts.

However, for you to make precise bevel cuts, cross cuts, miter and other types of cuts with your blade – you’ll need to look for a hybrid table saw that offers excellent fence and miter gauge.

Dust Extraction System

Woodworking is a messy business, especially when using a powerful tool as the table. To prevent or keep sawdust and other debris to a minimum, it’s very important to have a great dust collecting system. Most hybrid table saws usually come with a dust collection port that allows you to connect a vacuum cleaner to it.

Dirt-free jobsite will not only save you the time from cleaning after you are done, but will also help you to have increased visibility when cutting.

Safety Features

Operating such machinery will always have danger written all over it. That’s why it’s important to look for what safety features a hybrid table saw has to offer before buying one.

First and foremost, would be the blade guard. This will prevent you from accidentally injuring your hand or fingers on the high-speed circulating blade. Then you have the riving knife that will protect you from kickback.

Some table saws also have the flesh sensor technology that can stop the blade and shut down the motor in just 0.01 seconds after contact with human skin.

Other Factors to Pay Attention to

  • Blade tilt and ability to adjust
  • Warranty that’s not limited to only 1-year
  • Material and construction of which the hybrid table saw is built for durability
  • Size and weight of the table saw for portability
  • The type and design of the drive belt that connects the motor and blade
  • Know your budget and set a price range


The market will always be full with good and great products, but only a few will be the best. That’s why we did our homework, picked and reviewed the best hybrid table saw products, just so you won’t have to waste more time searching for one.

However, even though all of the table saws presented on our list are superb, not all of them will suit your needs. That’s why it’s very important for you to know what type of materials you’ll cut, how much power you’ll need, whether you have enough space to store the table saw, what type of cutting applications you’ll apply on the workpieces and everything else that comes with it.

Once you know the answers to all of this stuff, and went carefully through our buyer’s guide for the best hybrid table saw in 2021, you’ll be able to make an easy decision on what power tool to get.