Cutting and trimming high branches is a difficult and dangerous task to accomplish. Especially if you plan on using ladders and a regular chainsaw to finish the job. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen!

Thankfully, to avoid this hazardous situation, people have invented a very cool and useful tool that doesn’t require the user to climb a ladder while holding a chainsaw in their hands just to trim a tree in their yard. That tool is of course the pole saw.

And in this guide, we’ll talk about the best electric pole saw you can get to effortlessly prune some annoying overgrown branches. We’ll begin the post with a short introduction on pole saw and its types, but focusing the most on electric pole saws as the name of this guide indicates. Furthermore, we’ll give detailed reviews of some of the best electric pole saws in 2021 and finish it with an informative buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when buying a saw of this type.

Now let’s dig in, enough chit-chatting.

What are Pole Saws?

Well, as their name already implies – Pole saws are small and lightweight chainsaws attached to a long pole.

Even though their design might sound a bit crazy to people who have never used them, this is a seriously clever and very practical power tool that will immediately become your biggest ally in the yard.

Because of the long pole and chainsaw, these tools are best used for cutting and trimming high tree branches. One of their main purposes is to prevent people from climbing a tree or using a ladder with a chainsaw in their hands just to cut a branch. Thus, making the whole pruning process much safer, easier and way quicker.

When it comes to pole saw types we can differentiate three main ones:

Pole Saw types

  • Gas-powered pole saw
  • Corded pole saw
  • Cordless pole saw

All three of these pole saw types have one simple goal in mind – to help you shape the yard landscape to your likening. Although, they have their features, strengths and weaknesses – in general, the differences between them aren’t as drastic as in other power tools.

For example, gas-powered pole saws are the most powerful saws of this type and are equipped with the longest sticks. This makes them more suitable for professional foresters or people with thicker and bigger trees. While corded and cordless pole saws are a bit less powerful and their best use is for cutting smaller or medium-sized tree branches.

Electric Pole Saws – What You Need to Know

Just like the gas powered pole saws, the electric ones also consist of a chainsaw attached to a long pole. The main difference of course is the power source. However, this one difference triggers a chain of reactions that give certain advantages and disadvantages to both pole saw types. Thankfully, the electric pole saw comes with more positive than negative features.

To begin with, there are two types of electric pole saws: corded and cordless. Meaning, the former requires a cord connected to a power circuit to run, while the second only needs batteries.

One of the best features a cordless electric pole saw can offer to its user is portability. Because they run on batteries, you aren’t limited to be within 100 feet of the power source like corded pole saws for them to work. You can take the pole saw wherever you want, and cut as long as the batteries last (usually 30 minutes to an hour)!

But when it comes to the downsides of a cordless electric pole saw, then we have to look at the amount of power they produce. Although they are the least powerful of the three types, their lack of power isn’t as big as it may sound.

Compared to the gas-powered pole saws, both electric ones produce less noise and require less maintenance. All you need to do is to recharge the batteries or connect the cord and don’t let the chainsaw to dull. Plus, they are quite easy to use, even for beginners.

12 Best Electric Pole Saws in 2021 [Reviews]

  1. AchiForce 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw with Extension Pole Chainsaw for Branch Cutting and Tree Trimming
  2. Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole Saw with 2.6Ah Battery and Charger
  3. BLACK+DECKER Pole Saw, Corded, 6.5-Amp, 10-Inch (PP610)
  4. Earthwise PS44008 6.5-Amp 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw, Green
  5. PowerSmart PS6108 8-inch 6 Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Saw with Automatic Lubrication System
  6. Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw, Camo
  7. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw, Adjustable Head & Oregon Bar and Chain
  8. WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw
  9. WORX 2 in 1 Attachment Capable WG349 20V Pole Saw, black and orange
  10. Greenworks PSPH40B210 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer Attachment 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  11. Ryobi ONE+ 8 in. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw – 1.3 Ah Battery and Charger Included
  12. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System

*Note: Dimensions are Length – Width – Height (L x W x H)

1. AchiForce 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw with Extension Pole Chainsaw for Branch Cutting and Tree Trimming

Dimensions: 96.45 x 8.7 x 4.2 inches
Weight: 10.98 pounds
Battery: 1 Lithium ion

First on our list for best electric pole saw is the 8-inch AchiForce cordless power tool that cuts through tree limbs like a hot knife through butter.

The pole saw requires one lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in just one hour. And when fully charged, you can easily make 50 cuts on branches with 2.36″ thickness. Also, it’s a removable 2 Ah (amp-hour) battery that comes with a charger.

Next, you have the 8-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain that will guarantee you powerful trimming performance. The chainsaw can reach a cutting speed of 4.5 m/s that will make sure you get a fast and clean cutting experience.

If you are wondering about the oil tank capacity – it stands at 2.2 fl. oz. And it’s connected with an automatic oiler that lubricates the chain and cutting bar, thus giving you maximum performance at any time. The see-through oil tank also allows you to check how much oil you have left in the tank.

To battle fatigue and increase work time, the pole saw comes with a shoulder strap to ensure stability, comfort and balance for the user. And on top of it, there’s the telescopic pole that can extend up to 8.8 feet.


  • Replaceable 8-inch Oregon cutting bar and chainsaw
  • Extendable telescopic pole for an overhead reach of 8.8 feet
  • Shoulder strap to reduce fatigue and increase comfort while cutting
  • Fully charged 2 Ah battery in 60 minutes and zero toxic emissions


  • Lacks assembly instructions and isn’t the most powerful one

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2. Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole Saw with 2.6Ah Battery and Charger

Dimensions: 75 x 4 x 5 inches
Weight: 10.8 pounds
Battery: 1 Lithium ion

The Oregon PS250 is another cordless electric pole saw that can make your life and work in the garden less complicated and more enjoyable.

Oregon PS250 is equipped with a great 2.6 Ah lithium-ion battery that can be charged 1,000 times and still work like brand new. With one fully charged battery, you can make more than 300 cuts on tree limbs with 2 to 3-inch diameter. However, if you want to spend few dollars more, this electric pole saw also supports even more powerful premium 4.0 and 6.0 Ah lithium ion batteries.

Furthermore, there’s the 8-inch bar with a good cutting head on top of it that gives you increased balance and solid reach for higher branches. But even more brilliant is the extendable shaft that gives the user additional telescoping reach that can go up to 15 feet from the ground.

Another great feature on the Oregon PS250 model is the mid-mount motor that makes it much slimmer compared to other electric pole saw. This feature also makes the saw very easy to maneuver.


  • Zero emissions for a clean environment
  • No need of cords or waiting to warm up on start
  • Ergonomic lightweight design for increased balance, and to reduce vibrations and noise
  • Shoulder strap included in the package for less fatigue and more comfort


  • One of the most expensive electric pole saws but comes with great power and handling

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3. BLACK+DECKER Pole Saw, Corded, 6.5-Amp, 10-Inch (PP610)

Dimensions: 68.31 x 3.75 x 6.44 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Motor: 6.5 amp

After reviewing two great cordless saws, it’s time for the first corded electric pole saw to make its entrance in the reviews. Meet the Black +Decker PP610 corded electric pole saw with 10-inch chainsaw.

This tool is equipped with a strong 6.5-amp inline motor that can help you make even the most demanding cuts. The inline motor allows direct pruning so you can easily make a clean line of vision.

With the durable 10″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain on this electric pole saw you will get one of the best trimming experiences. While the long 9.5′ extendable pole will help you reach the highest hanging branches.

And as long as the oil tank is full, you’ll never have to worry about dry bar or chain saw. Just plug in the cord and get on with it. All thanks to the excellent automatic oiling system that ensures lubrication for increased performance and smooth running.

Also, unlike the battery or gas powered cordless electric pole saws, the corded ones don’t have things that weighs them down. That’s why with a total weight of 8.0 lbs, the Black + Decker PP610 offers great control, easy movement and no issues with reaching high branches.


  • Comes with a powerful inline 6.5-amp motor to easily cut the thickest tree limbs
  • Made with durable and lightweight design in mind for improved performance
  • 9.5 feet extending pole to help you cut the highest hanging branches with ease


  • Excellent automatic oiling system for lubrication but has oil leakage problem when not in use

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4. Earthwise PS44008 6.5-Amp 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw, Green

Dimensions: 70 x 5 x 5.5 inches
Weight: 9 pounds
Motor: 6.5 amp

The second corded electric pole saw on our list comes from the American tool manufacturer Earthwise. They present to you the environment-friendly PS44008 model with strong cutting performance and many features.

Like the Black + Decker electric pole saw model, the Earthwise PS44008 is also equipped with a strong 6.5-amp motor. It can deliver almost the same amount of power as a gas pole saw but with the advantage of producing zero harmful emissions.

With the 8-inch bar and chain, you can easily make even the toughest cuts. They always stay lubricated thanks to the automatic oiling system that keeps everything smooth and silky. You also get a protective blade cover for safety measurements when storing the pole saw.

The telescoping fiberglass pole extends up to 9 feet and 5 inches to make sure the chainsaw can reach even the highest branches. But because you need firm grip and comfort to make these cuts, the PS44008 has an ergonomic rubber molded handle.


  • Flexible rotating cutting head with 3 positions to play with
  • Very simple to set up because it’s a no-tool assembly electric pole saw
  • Earthwise offers you great customer support in case an issue occurs
  • Rubber molded handle with safety switch and built-in cord retention hook


  • Made from cheaper materials and the chain comes off sometimes

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5. PowerSmart PS6108 8-inch 6 Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Saw with Automatic Lubrication System

Dimensions: 126 x 3 x 6 inches
Weight: 9 pounds
Motor: 6.0 amp

Next in line for review is the PowerSmart PS6108 corded electric pole saw with a compact and lightweight design. Weighing only 9 pounds, the PS6108 model is easy to maneuver and control while pruning branches.

Unlike the previous two corded pole saws on our guide, the PowerSmart model is equipped with a slightly less powerful 6.0-amp motor that can produce a maximum no-load cutting speed of 4500 RPM. Meaning, it can still easily cut branches with 7.5″ diameter.

The telescoping pole extends from 7.8 feet up to 10.5 ft. allowing you to reach some of the highest branches and limbs on the tree. While the automatic lubrication system will always keep the bar and chain oiled properly for work. Just plug the cord and cut without thinking twice.

Also, if you need help, don’t worry. The American tool manufacturer PowerSmart has set a dedicated team to help customers with their electric pole saw issues and they are available 24/7.


  • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer accompanied by a 24h customer service team
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental starting and avoid unfortunate events
  • 8-inch bar and cutting chain with 33 links, 3/8″ Pitch and is .050″ Thick
  • Lightweight design and powerful 6.0-amp motor


  • Has issues with oil leakage when stationary and eats it fast while working

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6. Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

Dimensions: 96.45 x 5.5 x 3.6 inches
Weight: 7.9 pounds
Motor: 8.0 amp

Halfway through our guide for best electric pole saw we have the Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO camo model. It’s a best seller when it comes to pole saws on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews, many satisfied customers, many great features and good price.

If you want a corded electric pole saw with brute power that can rival gas pole chainsaws, the Sun Joe‘s SWJ803E-CMO model is the right answer for you. Why? Because the 8.0-amp beast motor equipped on this pole saw will allow you to cut some of the thickest branches out there. 9.5-inch thick branch? Absolutely no problem for the Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO.

With the extending telescoping pole that can stretch from 5.8 feet to 8.8 ft, you will get an incredible 14 ft. overhead reach to easily trim overgrown trees. And because of its versatility, mighty power and lightweight design, you can effortlessly cut overhanging limbs and thin logs.

When it comes to safety features, the pole saw has a safety switch to protect you from accidental starts.

And as most of the electric pole chainsaws on our list, the Sun Joe SWJ803E has automatic chain lubrication as well.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer Sun Joe
  • Multi-angle head featured on the SWJ803E that can adjust from 0° to 30 degrees
  • Ergonomic handle for added grip and extension cord hook
  • Plastic chainsaw blade cover for safe storage and tool protection


  • Some people may find the top heavy and hard to handle
  • The chain can dull quickly

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7. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw

Dimensions: 85 x 4 x 5 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
Motor: 8.0 amp

The worldwide known outdoor power tools manufacturer Scotts presents their version of the corded electric pole saw with the PS45010S model. With it in your hands, you have absolutely no need of using a ladder and regular chainsaw to trim trees. Plus, it’s one of the lightest pole saws on the market weighing just 7 lbs.

Similar to the Sun Joe SWJ803E model, the PS45010S corded electric pole saw also comes with a very powerful 8.0-amp motor that can rival pole saws who run on gas. No doubt that you can cut through the thickest branches and limbs without facing any issues.

And just like with their power, Scotts are also leaders when it comes to pole length. Their electric chainsaw is attached to a pole that when fully extended is 9’5″ long. Meaning, when you hold the tool at waist height, you get a reach of 15 feet. Absolutely mega, no branch in your yard will be spared, no matter its size.

Moreover, the PS45010S comes with 10-inch Oregon bar and chain as well. The cutting head has 5 adjustable positions from 0 to 30 degrees. While the automatic oil change system will keep them lubricated at any time, as long as there is oil in the tank.

No wonder this product is so highly rated, has fantastic reviews and is Amazon’s Choice for best electric pole saw in 2021.


  • Rubber molded handle and foam grip for increased comfort
  • Powerful like a gas pole saw for tree trimming but without the toxic emissions
  • Window for oil level checking and tool-free tensioner chain adjustment
  • Cord retention hook feature to prevent losing grip while in use and stop it from entanglement


  • Doesn’t have the best safety button since it can be hard to push to activate the trigger

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8. WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.7 x 105.2 inches
Weight: 7.2 pounds
Motor: 6.0 amp

Another brilliant electric pole saw for cutting branches and pruning or trimming trees is the WEN 4019. Being Amazon’s choice for “electric tree pruner” with excellent reviews only adds credibility to the praise.

This pole saw comes with a pretty good 6.0-amp motor that can prove to be of great help for your landscaping projects. And while there are electric saws with stronger motors, this doesn’t stop the WEN 4019 to produce a rotating speed of the chain up to 36 feet per second or 3,800 RPM.

You can make adjustments to the telescoping pole from 5.3 feet to 7.3 ft. Meaning, you get a solid top overhead reach of 12 feet to cut some of the highest branches. Besides that, Wen‘s 4019 model allows you to make tool-free chain adjustments as well.

The automatic oiling system will always keep the 8-inch Oregon bar and chain lubricated and ready for work. The whole packages also feature a blade cover to keep the chain intact while being stored and to improve safety.


  • Includes a shoulder strap to reduce fatigue, add more comfort and increase user performance
  • One of the most lightweight corded electric pole saws on the market
  • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer WEN followed by nationwide customer help-line
  • Safety switch to prevent unwanted accidents on the job site


  • Not many bad things can be said about the WEN 4019 except that it can eat oil quite fast

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9. WORX 2 in 1 Attachment Capable WG349 20V Pole Saw, black and orange

Dimensions: 112.2 x 7.83 x 3.43 inches
Weight: 8.8 pounds
Battery: 1 Lithium ion

After a few reviews of corded electric pole saws, it’s time to get back to the cordless saws once again. This time we have the WORX 2 in 1 WG349 pole saw. A powerful but lightweight tool for effortless pruning and trimming.

The pole saw has a bare weight of 8.0 lbs but with a battery attached you get the total 8.8 pounds. Which is quite impressive for an electric pole saw. Usually, only the battery adds few pounds, making it heavier than the corded ones. Also worth mentioning is that all Worx tools are compatible with each other and they can share 20V/40V batteries.

One of the best features on the 2 in 1 WG349 model is the smart design with the inline motor that’s placed on the same line as the pole. This feature gives the saw more balance and easy-to-use feeling to the user.

With the telescopic pole attachment, the overall length of the saw goes up to 9’4″, thus giving it 13 feet reach. And making adjustments to the pole’s lengths won’t cause any issues whatsoever since it’s tool-free.

The 8″ bar and chain will help you to easily trim limbs with an 8-inch diameter. While the automatic lubrication system will always keep them lubricated and ready to run. And besides that, there’s the automatic chain tensioning that will always give you optimal chain tightness.


  • Ability to attach hedge trimmer from other Worx compatible electric pole saws
  • The chainsaw has 3 cutting positions angled at 0°, 15° and 30°
  • Oil-level indicator to always know when you need to refill
  • Automatic chain tensioning for extended bar and chain life


  • 2 in 1 convertible saw but it can’t be used as a handheld chainsaw without the pole

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10. Greenworks PSPH40B210 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Dimensions: 77.8 x 4.5 x 8 inches
Weight: 11 pounds
Battery: 1 Lithium ion

The Greenworks PSPH40B210 is one of the best rated electric pole saws on the market in 2021, with barely any negative reviews from its customers i.e. users. Definitely among the best products Greenworks has ever made.

A very underrated and somewhat unique feature on the PSPH40B210 is the tool’s ability to easily transform from a pole saw to a pole hedger. Basically making it a 2 in 1 power tool.

When fully charged, the G-max 40V lithium-ion battery system gives you enough runtime to make up to 60 cuts on 4×4 lumber with the pole saw and to trim up to 350 yards with the 20″ pole hedge trimmer.

With the automatic oil feature, the 8-inch bar and chain will always be ready for action as long as the tank isn’t empty. And you can easily check for oil level thanks to the translucent oil tank that gives you a clear view of the fluid.


  • 20-inch dual-action steel blades for improved performance and durability of the hedge trimmer
  • 2 Ah battery and charger included in the package
  • The G-max 40V lithium-ion battery system is compatible with multiple lawn tools
  • Great tool-free chain tensioning for optimal chain tightness


  • Has a limited reach for cutting higher branches compared to other electric pole saws
  • Lacks customer service but has a limited 4-year warranty from the manufacturer

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11. Ryobi ONE+ 8 in. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw – 1.3 Ah Battery and Charger Included

Dimensions: 41 x 10.5 x 3.9 inches
Weight: 13.92 pounds
Battery: 1 Lithium ion

As their challenger for the best electric pole saw title, Ryobi One+ present the cordless saw equipped with a 1.3 Ah Battery and a charger. Because why would you sell a battery without a charger? Except if the company wants to charge their customers extra, of course. But thankfully that’s not the case in this situation.

The 18-volt compact lithium-ion battery powers the smartly placed inline motor that adds balance and comfort to the user’s working experience.

Ryobi One+ made sure to give the customers what they need – bigger reach. And that can clearly be seen from the extension pole that can adjust its length from 6.5 ft up to 9.5 feet.

Considering the lower amount of power this pole saw offers, with the 8″ bar and chain you can still easily cut branches up to 6-inches in diameter. And to extend their life and efficiency, there’s also the automatic oiling that keeps them lubricated. While the cleverly designed tank with clear-view windows will allow you to check the oil levels at any given time.


  • Great 3-year limited warranty from Ryobi One+
  • Automatic lubrication of the 8″ bar and chain for more performance
  • The pole can extend up to 9.5 ft with small and easy adjustments
  • Inline motor for increased stability


  • The heaviest and least powerful tool in our guide for best electric power saw

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12. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System

Dimensions: 68.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
Motor: 6.5 amp

To finish the review section of our best electric pole saw buying guide, we have another Sun Joe tool. But this time it’s the lightweight SWJ800E model with 6.5-amp motor instead of 8.0 as the SWJ803E model.

However, despite the seemingly weaker motor, the Sun Joe SWJ800E still has a very impressive no-load cutting speed of 6,000 rpm. Enough power to easily cut through tree limbs up to 7.5″ of thickness. Which of course wouldn’t be possible without the chainsaw head and its 8″ bar and chain.

For the ultimate performance, there’s the automatic chain lubrication feature that keeps the bar and chain perfectly oiled during use. However, it’s a bit loud and you may need ear protection since the sound level can reach 108 dB.

The telescoping pole can extend up to 8.7 ft and guarantees you an overhead reach of 15 feet. This makes Sun Joe‘s SWJ800E model one of the best pole saws on our list when it comes to reach.


  • 2 fl oz oil tank to keep the fluid and enable automatic lubrication for chain and bar
  • Excellent 8.7 feet pole extension that provides for a 15 ft overhead reach
  • CSA approved pole saw with 2-year warranty from Sun Joe and customer support
  • Built-in safety switch to put a stop on any accidental starts


  • Has a weaker 6.5-amp motor compared to the Sun Joe SWJ8003E model with 8.0-amp

Check price on amazon

Buyer's Guide for Electric Pole Saw in 2021

The market always offers you good and even great products, but finding the best ones can take some time. And by best, I don’t mean literally the best electric pole saw available. No, finding the best and right tool for your needs is where the secret lies. That’s why we created this buyer’s guide – to help you make the right decision when buying an electric pole saw.

Nevertheless, all of the reviews and information given in this buyer’s guide are pointless if you don’t know for what type of work you’ll use the saw. Because even though all of these electric pole saws on our list are of the highest quality, not all of them can do an equally good job for you.

That’s why it’s important to know what type of trees you plan to trim and how much power or reach among other features you’ll need to have for the task to be successfully accomplished.

Now let’s see what are some of the main things and features you should know before purchasing an electric pole saw:

Corded vs Cordless

First and foremost, you have to decide whether you want to get a corded or cordless electric pole saw. Both of these pole saws are great on their own, but the size of your yard and trees should make the decision much easier for you.

As we mentioned in the introductory part of this guide, cordless pole saws offer greater range and movement due to their batteries. But while corded pole saws are limited to be within 100 feet of the power outlet, they are lighter, cheaper and slightly more powerful.


Depending on the type of work you plan on doing, power can be a deciding factor when choosing between two great electric pole saws. Even though most of the tools on our list are of similar power, some are still more powerful than the others. So make sure you get the right saw for your yard and trees.

Reach and Pole Length

Most electric pole saws come with either 8 or 10-inch pole, and in some rare occasions they can go up to 12″. But that length is more reserved for gas pole saws because they produce more power.

Based on how high and thick are the tree branches and limbs you plan to cut, choosing a pole saw with the right pole length is crucial. Have in mind that longer poles require more power, and more power leads to cutting thicker limbs with ease.

Also, consider saws with telescopic poles because they allow you to adjust the pole’s length.

Safety Measurements

Even though these are relatively safe saws when compared to other power tools, safety measurements should always be taken seriously.

First of all, don’t even start without protective gear. This includes a helmet, gloves, boots with solid footing, goggles and even a mask. Then you’ll need to check for any possible malfunctions on the pole saw. And before you start cutting or trimming, make sure the area is clear of people and children to begin working.

When you start pruning branches, don’t forget to not cut over your head and keep the pole saw tight in your hands.


In most, if not all of our guides we recommend to check the warranty of the power tool, and electric pole saws aren’t an exception.

Some people often overlook the warranty by thinking that they won’t need it or just simply forget about it. That’s why we are mentioning it in the guide – as a reminder of its importance. Why? Because it can save you a lot of money if the saw needs repairing due to an unfortunate event.

Even a 1-year warranty is 100 times better than no warranty, however, a multiyear one should be preferred.

Other Things to Pay Attention to

Besides all of these factors and features, you may also want to pay closer attention to the electric pole saw’s:

  • Weight – depends on how much the user can carry and handle the saw without issues
  • Cutting capacity – because not every saw can cut easily through a
  • Operating System – to make sure you have the blade tension fastened and the saw oiled properly
  • Cutting head – angled for cutting lower branches, straight for higher and flexible for both
  • Price – if you are on a tighter budget then a corded saw might be the solution


To find the best electric pole saw that will suit one’s needs, deep and thorough research needs to be done beforehand. This is a rule that everyone should follow when purchasing such a product. Because what’s the point in spending hundreds of dollars on a pole saw that won’t do the required work? Always stay informed – know what you need and see if the features offered by the power tool match your expectations.

That’s why to help you make the right decision and spare you from wasting further time, we created this buying guide for the best electric pole saw.