Highlights from FDM Article
FREUD “Saw Blades cuts downtime!”
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Highlights from FDM Article:

FREUD “Saw Blades cuts downtime” at Office Furniture Manufacturer, OFS, and here's how:

“We first ran the Freud blade on the [Selco] twin pusher for two 24 hour periods and it cut TFM the whole time flawlessly - I found my blade!” said Eckert

“It was amazing; we went (to) one blade cutting 2 days (4 shifts) compared to 16 blade changes with our old brand.” (Before Freud)


“Operators noticed how quiet the blades are, compared to their predecessors.  Relief cuts in the blade create less vibration, and a strong tension ring keeps the blade real quiet.” said Eckert

“Our noise level went from 110 decibels to 86 decibels.” 


”We had to reduce our feed rates (before Freud by 70%)

“We’re now running at full speed and cutting more material, at a faster rate.” (With Freud)

“Switching to Freud Silver Ice has added 10 hours per week in production time normally lost to blade changeovers.”

“We’ve increased our output quite a bit since adding the Freud blades.”

“We cut over 550,000 square feet of material in a month, we’ve increased output quite a bit since adding the Freud blades and as the company grows we will be able to keep up with demand”.