Wadkin Knife Steel Range
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M 2 HSS*

High quality, 6% tungsten steel for short to medium runs. We recommend using Wadkin grinding wheels #GW203 or 204N.

*M 3 HSS is also available - call for information.

Part # Width in Inches
CHS6353508 1-1/4
CHS6354008 1-1/2
CHS6354508 1-3/4
CHS6355008 2
CHS6356008 2-1/4
CHS6356508 2-1/2
CHS6357008 2-3/4
CHS6357508 3

Higher quality, 18% tungsten steel for longs runs and jointed applications.

We recommend using Wadkin grinding wheels #203 or 292N.

Part # Width in Inches
CHS635358T 1-1/4
CHS635408T 1-1/2
CHS635458T 1-3/4
CHS635508T 2
CHS635608T 2-1/4
CHS635658T 2-1/2
CHS635708T 2-3/4"
CHS635758T 3

Recommended for long runs in difficult hardwoods and softwoods.

Grind with GW292N & joint with JS400BG.

Part # Width in Inches
AMT25114 1-1/4
AMT25112 1-1/2
AMT25134 1-3/4
AMT25200 2
AMT25214 2-1/4
AMT25212 2-1/2
Filler Stock

Steel bar fillers for balancing non-cutting pockets when not running a full set of knives.

Part # Width in Inches
CDS6102508 1

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