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Not all Terminus knives are made equally!
Beware of after market imitators offering these knives at a greatly reduced prices.

Wood Tech Proudly Offers ONLY Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Terminus knives to insure our customers continue to get the quality and performance they have come to expect. If your knives don't have the Terminus name etched on them AND come in Terminus marked packaging, they are not Genuine Terminus knives. We have seen a wide range of quality and tolerance issues with these aftermarket knives. Can you really afford to buy CHEAP tooling for your Swiss made Terminus head? Please feel free to call with any questions, or concerns, you may have; or to get a quote on Original Terminus products.

The Terminus 9700 Series H.S.S. Profile Knives are designed to run in the 9100 and 9300 Series cutterheads. Custom ground knives are available in the H.S.S. and solid carbide. *
Knife & Wood Profile Part Number Description Angle Radius Price
970503045 Double Beveling 45 Degrees CALL
971003002 Concave Radius R2mm CALL
971003003 Concave Radius R3.18mm (1/8") CALL
971003004 Concave Radius R4mm CALL
971003005 Concave Radius R5mm CALL
971003006 Concave Radius R6.35mm (1/4") CALL
971003008 Concave Radius R8mm CALL
971003010 Concave Radius R10mm CALL
971003012 Concave Radius R12.7mm CALL
971503002 Convex Radius R2mm CALL
971503003 Convex Radius R3.18mm (1/8") CALL
971503004 Convex Radius R4mm CALL
971503005 Convex Radius R5mm CALL
971503006 Convex Radius R6.35mm (1/4") CALL
971503008 Convex Radius R8mm CALL
971503010 Convex Radius R10mm CALL
971503012 Convex Radius R12.7mm CALL
9750030100300 Double Beveled Knife 45 Degrees CALL
9700000030 H.S.S 30mm x 32mm x 4 mm CALL
9700000040 H.S.S 40mm x 32mm x 4 mm CALL
9700000050 H.S.S 50mm x 32mm x 4 mm CALL
9700500032 H.S.S 500 mm x 32mm x 4 mm - 12.7mm (1/2") depth of profile $220.50
9741300030 Carbide 300 mm x 32mm x 4 mm - 10.0mm .394") depth of profile $413.60
*When requesting a quotation for custom ground 9700 Series profile knives, please provide a detailed drawing of the pattern needed. You may also provide a wood sample. Custome knives are limited to the depth of profile noted above.

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