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TERSA KNIVES - The Original Swiss made Tersa knives!

Not all Tersa knives are not made equally!
Beware of aftermarket imitators offering these knives at a greatly reduced prices.

Wood Tech Proudly Offers ONLY Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Tersa knives to insure our customers continue to get the quality and performance they have come to expect. If your knives don't have the Tersa name etched on them AND come in Tersa marked packaging, they are not Genuine Tersa knives. We have seen a wide range of quality and tolerance issues with these aftermarket knives. Can you really afford to buy CHEAP tooling for your European made Tersa head? Please feel free to call with any questions, or concerns, you may have; or to get a quote on Original Tersa products.

TERSA knives are available in four qualities. Each as a built in chip-limiter and are available in a large range of sizes. 1350mm (53.15") HSS/M42/Chrome Steel. Solid Carbide knives are available up to 630mm (24.8").

Tersa knives from Wood Tech offer the following advantages:

• Original Swiss made Tersa brand replacements knives guarantee you the highest product    consistency and quality available for optimum perforance for your Tersa head.
• Very competitive pricing assures you get the most cost affective value for your dollar.
   (We will match anyone's price on OEM Tersa knives.)
• Large inventory for fast shipment. Most orders ship the same day.
• Technical expertise available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday.

Pricing Available on Request- please call 1-800-TOOLING (866-5484).

We will match anyone's price on OEM Tersa knives.

Recommended uses:

  • Chrome: Softwoods only.
  • HSS: Best for all around use. Recommended for pine, oak, maple, cherry, etc.
  • M42: For tougher applications. Less likely to chip the cutting edge than HSS.
  • Solid Carbide: Most durable, reduced finish quality, recommended for hickory, exotic hardwoods, laminated woods, dirty material, glue lines.

Knives up to 12 Inches
MM Inches Chrome H.S.S. M42 Solid Carbide
50 1.96" TERSA 94-50MM TERSA 95-50MM TERSA M42-50MM TERSA 96-50MM
60 2.362" TERSA 94-60MM TERSA 95-60MM TERSA M42-60MM TERSA 96-60MM
70 2.755" TERSA 94-70MM TERSA 95-70MM TERSA M42-70MM TERSA 96-70MM
80 3.150" TERSA 94-80MM TERSA 95-80MM TERSA M42-80MM TERSA 96-80MM
85 3.346" TERSA 94-85MM TERSA 95-85MM TERSA M42-85MM TERSA 96-85MM
90 3.543" TERSA 94-90MM TERSA 95-90MM TERSA M42-90MM TERSA 96-90MM
100 3.937" TERSA 94-100MM TERSA 95-100MM TERSA M42-100MM TERSA 96-100MM
110 4.330" TERSA 94-110MM TERSA 95-110MM TERSA M42-110MM TERSA 96-110MM
120 4.724" TERSA 94-120MM TERSA 95-120MM TERSA M42-120MM TERSA 96-120MM
125 4.921" TERSA 94-125MM TERSA 95-125MM TERSA M42-125MM TERSA 96-125MM
130 5.118" TERSA 94-130MM TERSA 95-130MM TERSA M42-130MM TERSA 96-130MM
140 5.512" TERSA 94-140MM TERSA 95-140MM TERSA M42-140MM TERSA 96-140MM
150 5.906" TERSA 94-150MM TERSA 95-150MM TERSA M42-150MM TERSA 96-150MM
155 6.102" TERSA 94-155MM TERSA 95-155MM TERSA M42-155MM TERSA 96-155MM
160 6.299" TERSA 94-160MM TERSA 95-160MM TERSA M42-160MM TERSA 96-160MM
170 6.693" TERSA 94-170MM TERSA 95-170MM TERSA M42-170MM TERSA 96-170MM
180 7.087" TERSA 94-180MM TERSA 95-180MM TERSA M42-180MM TERSA 96-180MM
190 7.480" TERSA 94-190MM TERSA 95-190MM TERSA M42-190MM TERSA 96-190MM
200 7.874" TERSA 94-200MM TERSA 95-200MM TERSA M42-200MM TERSA 96-200MM
210 8.268" TERSA 94-210MM TERSA 95-210MM TERSA M42-210MM TERSA 96-210MM
220 8.661" TERSA 94-220MM TERSA 95-220MM TERSA M42-220MM TERSA 96-220MM
230 9.055" TERSA 94-230MM TERSA 95-230MM TERSA M42-230MM TERSA 96-230MM
240 9.449" TERSA 94-240MM TERSA 95-240MM TERSA M42-240MM TERSA 96-240MM
250 9.843" TERSA 94-250MM TERSA 95-250MM TERSA M42-250MM TERSA 96-250MM
260 10.236" TERSA 94-260MM TERSA 95-260MM TERSA M42-260MM TERSA 96-260MM
265 10.433" TERSA 94-265MM TERSA 95-265MM TERSA M42-265MM TERSA 96-265MM
270 10.630" TERSA 94-270MM TERSA 95-270MM TERSA M42-270MM TERSA 96-270MM
280 11.024" TERSA 94-280MM TERSA 95-280MM TERSA M42-280MM TERSA 96-280MM
290 11.417" TERSA 94-290MM TERSA 95-290MM TERSA M42-290MM TERSA 96-290MM
300 11.811" TERSA 94-300MM TERSA 95-300MM TERSA M42-300MM TERSA 96-300MM

Knives from 12 Inches to 31 Inches
MM Inches Chrome H.S.S. M42 Solid Carbide
305 12.007" TERSA 94-305MM TERSA 95-305MM TERSA M42-305MM TERSA 96-305MM
310 12.205" TERSA 94-310MM TERSA 95-310MM TERSA M42-310MM TERSA 96-310MM
315 12.401" TERSA 94-315MM TERSA 95-315MM TERSA M42-315MM TERSA 96-315MM
320 12.598" TERSA 94-320MM TERSA 95-320MM TERSA M42-320MM TERSA 96-320MM
330 12.992" TERSA 94-330MM TERSA 95-330MM TERSA M42-330MM TERSA 96-330MM
340 13.385" TERSA 94-340MM TERSA 95-340MM TERSA M42-340MM TERSA 96-340MM
350 13.779" TERSA 94-350MM TERSA 95-350MM TERSA M42-350MM TERSA 96-350MM
360 14.173" TERSA 94-360MM TERSA 95-360MM TERSA M42-360MM TERSA 96-360MM
370 14,.566" TERSA 94-370MM TERSA 95-370MM TERSA M42-370MM TERSA 96-370MM
380 14.960" TERSA 94-380MM TERSA 95-380MM TERSA M42-380MM TERSA 96-380MM
390 15.354" TERSA 94-390MM TERSA 95-390MM TERSA M42-390MM TERSA 96-390MM
400 15.748" TERSA 94-400MM TERSA 95-400MM TERSA M42-400MM TERSA 96-400MM
410 16.142" TERSA 94-410MM TERSA 95-410MM TERSA M42-410MM TERSA 96-410MM
420 16.535" TERSA 94-420MM TERSA 95-420MM TERSA M42-420MM TERSA 96-420MM
430 16.929" TERSA 94-430MM TERSA 95-430MM TERSA M42-430MM TERSA 96-430MM
440 17.322" TERSA 94-440MM TERSA 95-440MM TERSA M42-440MM TERSA 96-440MM
450 17.717" TERSA 94-450MM TERSA 95-450MM TERSA M42-450MM TERSA 96-450MM
460 18.110" TERSA 94-460MM TERSA 95-460MM TERSA M42-460MM TERSA 96-460MM
470 18.503" TERSA 94-470MM TERSA 95-470MM TERSA M42-470MM TERSA 96-470MM
480 18.897" TERSA 94-480MM TERSA 95-480MM TERSA M42-480MM TERSA 96-480MM
490 19.291" TERSA 94-490MM TERSA 95-490MM TERSA M42-490MM TERSA 96-490MM
500 19.685" TERSA 94-500MM TERSA 95-500MM TERSA M42-500MM TERSA 96-500MM
510 20.079" TERSA 94-510MM TERSA 95-510MM TERSA M42-510MM TERSA 96-510MM
520 20.472" TERSA 94-520MM TERSA 95-520MM TERSA M42-520MM TERSA 96-520MM
530 20.866" TERSA 94-530MM TERSA 95-530MM TERSA M42-530MM TERSA 96-530MM
540 21.260" TERSA 94-540MM TERSA 95-540MM TERSA M42-540MM TERSA 96-540MM
550 21.654" TERSA 94-550MM TERSA 95-550MM TERSA M42-550MM TERSA 96-550MM
560 22.047" TERSA 94-560MM TERSA 95-560MM TERSA M42-560MM TERSA 96-560MM
570 22.441" TERSA 94-570MM TERSA 95-570MM TERSA M42-570MM TERSA 96-570MM
580 22.835" TERSA 94-580MM TERSA 95-580MM TERSA M42-580MM TERSA 96-580MM
590 23.228" TERSA 94-590MM TERSA 95-590MM TERSA M42-590MM TERSA 96-590MM
600 23.622" TERSA 94-600MM TERSA 95-600MM TERSA M42-600MM TERSA 96-600MM
610 24.016" TERSA 94-610MM TERSA 95-610MM TERSA M42-610MM TERSA 96-610MM
618 24,331" TERSA 94-618MM TERSA 95-618MM TERSA M42-618MM TERSA 96-618MM
620 24.409" TERSA 94-620MM TERSA 95-620MM TERSA M42-620MM TERSA 96-620MM
625 24.606" TERSA 94-625MM TERSA 95-625MM TERSA M42-625MM TERSA 96-625MM
630 24.803" TERSA 94-630MM TERSA 95-630MM TERSA M42-630MM TERSA 96-630MM
635 25.000" TERSA 94-635MM TERSA 95-635MM TERSA M42-635MM n/a
640 25.197" TERSA 94-640MM TERSA 95-640MM TERSA M42-640MM n/a
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