Miller Dowel Species
Miller Dowels are available in a wide variety of species to give woodworkers the opportunity to blend similar woods or design combinations that contrast different species

For Interior Projects the dowels are available in Red Oak, Black Walnut, Birch and Cherry.

For Exterior or Interior Projects choose dowels in Ipe, Purple Heart, Teak, Mahogany, White Oak and Black Locust.

Exterior Projects


Weather has little or no effect upon the structural integrity of IPE wood. This species is not affected by high moisture and offers the highest decay resistance rating available. It naturally resists rot, insects, mold and dry wood termites. IPE is resistant to splintering and checking, and is an incredibly strong & dense wood that has good dimensional stability – it doesn’t move much at all. In daily use it provides very high-wear durability. IPE is frequently used for decks as well as heavy-duty and durable construction.

A fine tropical wood that is attractive, hard and dense. Used primarily as a contrasting wood due to its striking color, Purple Heart offers good weather resistance, is rated as highly resistant to attack by decay, and is very resistant to dry-wood termites. It is a strong & heavy wood which will keep its color only if it is sealed. As the wood is photosensitive, it’s best to protect it from ultraviolet rays by adding a UV inhibitor to the finish. Purple Heart is most often used in cabinetry, fine furniture, boat building, heavy construction, outdoor furniture and garden pieces.

With its high oil and rubber content, this wood is a natural water repellent that is virtually immune to rotting. Teak is known for its resistance against natural conditions and is impervious to the effects of snow, ice, rain, sun, heat, cold and humidity. It features excellent dimensional stability, withstands weather better than any other wood species and resists the attack of insects and termites. Because of its durability and strength, Teak is used throughout the world in construction of indoor or outdoor furniture, decks, flooring, decorative objects including those in a garden, and boat decks.

A combination of excellent dimensional stability and rot-resistant properties makes Mahogany good to use in outdoor applications. It is strong and dense, water-resistant, and is moderately resistant to dry-wood termites. Honduran Mahogany offers good weather resistance and is durable in resistance to decay fungi. As a decorative wood, it offers a contrasting look and is frequently used in fine furniture, cabinets, interior woodwork, boat construction, paneling, outdoor furniture and garden objects.

Impervious to liquid, this species is tolerant of both dry and moist environments. White Oak is a hard and heavy wood that offers great wear-resistance and good decay resistance. It is very long-lasting and heavier than red oak. White oak is ideal for use in furniture, flooring, pallets/boxes/crates, agricultural implements, doors, molding, paneling and fenceposts. It is also used in arts and crafts furniture as a contrast to dark woods.

A long-lasting and durable wood, Black Locust is also the hardest commercial species in the United States. It is very resistant to rot and shock, offers high decay resistance and is more resistant tomoisture than white oak. A very heavy and hard species, Black Locust features moderately low shrinkage & swelling and great structural strength. It is frequently used in rough construction and for fence posts, crating, boat building, floors and garden furniture. Black Locust also features an interesting end-grain.

Packaging of Exterior or Interior Dowels
Miller Dowels are available in two sizes – 1X and 2X – and they are also available in a variety of package sizes.

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