Miller Dowel Species
Miller Dowels are available in a wide variety of species to give woodworkers the opportunity to blend similar woods or design combinations that contrast different species

For Interior Projects the dowels are available in Red Oak, Black Walnut, Birch and Cherry.

For Exterior or Interior Projects choose dowels in Ipe, Purple Heart, Teak, Mahogany, White Oak and Black Locust.

Interior Projects

Offering great wear resistance, Red Oak is a heavy wood that is very strong, hard and stiff. The wood has a coarse texture, strong grain and is widely available in a good selection of widths and thicknesses. Red Oak glues, finishes and stains easily yet it doesn’t have any of the blotching problems associated with other species
like maple. Although not suitable for exterior work, Red Oak is frequently used in flooring, furniture, general millwork, cabinets, wooden ware, decorative woodwork, boxes, pallets & crates.

Known for its beautiful grain character, Black Walnut is easy to work with yet durable and shock-resistant. It is a tough wood with a straight grain, medium density, and it shrinks & swells less than any other wood. Offering a pleasing appearance, Black Walnut is able to stand hard usage, holds a good edge, and is well-suited to natural finishes. It is easily worked with tools and is used for
fine furniture, fixtures, architectural woodwork, musical instruments, decorative panels, interior trim and flooring, cabinets, gunstocks and interior paneling.

One of the most common woods found in entry level furniture and cabinetry, Birch is easy to use and even textured. It is a heavy, hard and strong wood that offers good machining properties and good shock-resisting ability. As one of the least expensive woods to work with, Birch is often used to make furniture, toys, boxes, baskets, doors, cabinets, interior woodwork, crates and wooden
ware. A lightly colored wood, it stains and finishes easily but is not resistant to decay, fungal and insect attack.

A beautiful red-brown wood with warmth & charm, Cherry is unsurpassed in its finishing qualities due to its fine grain and smooth texture. It is moderately heavy and hard, stiff and is a relatively stable wood that is as strong as maple. Cherry cuts, stains and sands beautifully and it also offers very good machining properties. However scratches do show up easily on this wood and sunlight will darken it over time. Cherry is used principally for furniture, fine veneer panels, architectural woodwork, musical instruments, paneling, wooden ware and specialty items like gunstocks. It also offers high shock-resistance and a grain that is more subdued than some other hardwood species.

Packaging of Interior Dowels
Miller Dowels are available in three sizes – Mini X, 1X and 2X – and they are also available in a variety of package sizes.

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