Our Advanced set features two extra profiles added to the ones in our starter set so you can make even more great moldings. The Advanced set features the detail plugs P-37 , P-65, P-64 & P-58. Click on the images to see profile illustration of how these different moldings are created.
Using P-64 •
Glass Top Base Cap

Using P-64 & P-58 •
Panel Molding, Cap Molding, Casing

Using P-64 • Nosing Bullnose, Halfround, Bead Shelf Edge, Screen Molding
Using P-65 & P-58 • Casing
Using P-64 • Casing,
Base Moulding
Using P-64 & P-37•
Using P-58 • Casing,
Base Moulding, Stop
Using P-37 & 58 • Casing,
Base Moulding
Using P-64, P-65 & P-58
• Crown Molding
Using P-65 & P-58 • Mullion Cassing, Batten Strip, Casing
Using P-37 & 58 • Batten, Panel Strip, Casing
Using P-65 • Back Band, Wainscot, Ply Cap, Panel Trim

Using P-65 • Base Shoe
WM126 (1/2 x 3/4")
WM127 (7/16" x 3/4")
WM129 ( 7/16 x 11/16")

Using P-65 & P-37 • Chair Rail or Astragal
Using P-37 • Crown Molding
Using P-37 • Bead & Chamfer, Glass Stop, Chair Rail
Using P-65 • Corner Guard
WM199 (1 x 1) &
WM200 (3/4" x 3/4")
Using P-37 • V-Panel
Using P-37 • Bull Nose
(3/8 ")
Using P-65 & P-37 • Shingle, Panel Molding
Using P-37 & P-65 • Chair Rail or Astragal
Using P-37 • Back Band, Wainscot, Ply Cap, Panel Trim
Using P-65 • Bed Molding, Edge Detail, Glass Stop
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