OPTISLIDE LUBRICANT from Empire Manufacturing


from Empire Manufacturing

Optislide’s Special polymer formula adheres to the microstructure of the Metal tool surface. This unique surface conditioner allows superior corrosion and rust protection while adding lubricity, reducing contact pressures for better sliding action on the tool surface.

With Optislide your Woodworking tools will look there best (just like the day you bought them) and perform better with less binding or hang ups on tabletop surfaces.

Apply By hand with soft cloth on to tool surface, wipe off excess, let dry and buff lightly with paper towel. Use on:

* Table Saw Tops
* Band Saw Tops
* Plainer Feed Beds
* Router Tables
* Jointer Tables
* Shaper Tables
* Sanding beds
* Lathe Tools
* Saw Blades
* Also for protection of other Metal Items

Table Top & Surface
Solid Surface Cutting Tools

Table Top & Surface Solid Surface Cutting Tools:

Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic.
Non Finishing Issues
Contains no silicone or petroleum products.
Reduces Table saw binding & Hang up
Reduces Corrosion and Rusting of table tops    and tool surfaces
Adds lubricity, reducing pressures on the tool    surface for better sliding action.
Repels dirt and moisture with transparent    film.

Part # Description Price
OPTISLIDE -1GAL Opti-slide-1 GAL table lubricant CALL
OPTISLIDE -5GAL Opti-slide-5 GAL table lubricant CALL

Ask about the different sizes available and call for pricing.

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