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Freud has a complete line of router bits that offer high quality, long working life and less friction when cutting.

A router bit's performance depends on two main factors; it's cutting quality and it's life span.

Each bit features high-grade steel, MicroGrain carbide tips and the exclusive red Perma-SHIELD™ coating that reduces friction and heat build up, helps prevent the adhesion of resins, and protects the bit from corrision.

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Freud Passage Entry Door System - NEW!
Entry Door System
Freud Straight Bits
Double Flute
Single Flute

Freud Spiral Bits
Up Spiral
Down Spiral

Freud Compression Bits
Single Compression
Double Compression
Stagger Bits
Diamond Compression

Freud Panel Pilot Bits
Panel Pilot
Freud Mortising Bits
Mortising Bits

Freud Flush Trim Bits
Top Bearing Flush Trim Bits
Solid Carbide Flush Trim Bits
Bearing Flush Trim Bits
Bevel Trim Bits

Freud Flush & Bevel Trim Bits
Flush Bevel Trim Bits
Laminate Miter Joint Bits
Insert Bevel Trim Bits
Insert Flush Trim Bits
Flush Trim "V" Groove Bit
Freud Round Nose Bits
Round Nose Bit

Freud V-Veining
V-Veining Bit

Freud Dish Carving
Dish Carving Bit

Freud Decorative Grooving Bits
Ogee Groove Bits
"V" Grooving Bits
Cove & Bead Groove Bits
Classical Beading Groove Bits
Ovolo Bits

Standard Ogee Groove Bits
Top Bearing Classical Cove & Bead Groove Bit
Top Bearing Double Cove Groove Bits

Top Bearing Fillet Ogee Groove Bit
Top Bearing Cove & Bead Groove Bits

Freud Key Hole & T-Slot Bits
Key Hole Bits
T-slots Bits

Freud Cove Bits
Cove Bits
Cove & Fillet
Cove Bits with Steel Pilots
Classical Cove Bits

Freud Lettering Bits
Lettering Bits

Freud Rounding Over & Beading Bits
Round Over Bits
Round Over Bits with Steel Pilots
Drop-Leaf Table Bit Set
Beading Bits with Steel Pilot
Beading Bits

Convex Edge Bit
Combination Rounding Over Bit
Variable Corner Round Bit

Freud Half Round Bits
Half Round Bits
Half Round Bits with Bearings

Freud Decorative Bits
Decorative Edge Bits

Freud Beading Bits
Triple Beading & Fluting
Table Top Classical
Bold Classical Bits
Table Top Classical Bold
Bold Corner Beading
Tradtional Beading
Beading & Fluting

Freud Flute Bits
Flute Bits
Freud Chamfer Bits
Chamfer Bits

Freud Table Edge & Handrail Bits
Table Edge & Handrail Bits
Handrail Bits

Freud Crown Moulding Bits
• Crown Moulding Bits
Freud Face Moulding Bits
• Face Moulding Bits
Freud Multi-profile Bits
Freud Dovetail & Spline Bits 
Freud Rabbeting Bits 
Freud Canoe Bits
Freud Slotting Cutters 
Freud Reversible Glue Joint Bits 
Freud Drawer Lock Bits 
Freud Lock Miter Bits 
Freud Tongue & Groove Bits 
Freud Finger Joint & V-Joint Bits 
Freud V-Panel Bits 

Freud Solid Surface Bits
Rounding Over Bowl Bits
Ogee Bowl Bits
Bevel Bowl Bits
No Drip Edge Bits

Freud Door & Window Bits 

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