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Safety First! Disconnect all power to the machine. Exercise caution and use common sense when handling Dispoz-A-Blade. Adhere to all safety guidelines and procedures outlined in your machine manual.
Step 1 - Loosen Gib Bolts. Remove the old knife and Gib Bar. Step 2 Remove springs Step 2B Remove Jack screws
Step 3 - Step 3 Clean empty knife pocket. Step 4 Install the Posi-Set knife supports on the bottom of the knife pocket. Do not put the Posi-Set knife supports in the spring or jack screw holes! Step 5 Note the location of correctly installed Posi-Sets
Step 5B Second view of the location of correctly installed Posi-Sets Step 6 Step 6 Assemble the Dispoz-A-Blade knife and holder. Step 7 View of correctly assembled knife and holder.
Step 7b Second vew of correctly assembled knife and holder. Step 8 Re-install Gib Bar in knife pocket and drop Dispoz-A-Blade onto the Posi-Set knife supports. Step 9 Side view of knife pocket with properly installed Dispoz-A-Blade on Posi-Set knife supports.
Step 10 Tighten all the Gib Bolts beginning with center bolt then alternately tightening left and right bolts outward. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Step11 Repeat this process for each knife pocket. Rotate the cutter-head by hand to check for free movement and complete knife clearance. Replace the hoods and safety covers. Reconnect power to the machine. Plane that lumber! Step 12 Optional but recommended. Make room for extra Dispoz-A-Blade knife inserts.


DISPOZ-A-BLADE changes are now quick and accurate! Remember frequent changes mean quality finishes and prolonged machine life.
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