Install Dispoz-A-Blade in Seconds!

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Upgrade the cutter head in your planer, jointer and moulder to instantly and accurately set DISPOZ-A-BLADE without special skills, set-up jigs, jack screws or costly specialized heads. Take full advantage of DISPOZ-A-BLADE. Replace troublesome push springs, setting bars and jack screws with „POST-SET" supports for true „DROP and LOCK" knife installation.

With our easy to use measuring card, you reference the distance from the bottom of the knife pocket to the tip of a properly set protruding knife. Return the card to us for calibration and we will provide you with the proper size POSI-SET for the correct knife protrusion. Place 2 POSI-SET supports in each knife pocket of the cutter head and observe how DISPOZ-A-BLADE is automatically locked in place while you tighten your gib screws. DISPOZ-A-BLADE‚s consistent knife height eliminates any further adjustment.


This card is designed to measure the distance between the bottom of the knife pocket and the edge of a correctly set knife. This critical measurement will give us the information needed to upgrade your planer or jointer with the proper size Posi-Sets.

Please follow the following procedure:

Print out this page with the card seen on the right and cut it out. The card is 2" wide by 3.5"

1. Remove the existing knife and Gib from the knife pocket and clean thoroughly.

2. Reassemble the clean knife and gib in the clean knife pocket placing this card arrow face down between the gib and the knife.


3. With this card pushed to the bottom of the knife pocket, set the knife protrusion as per the machine manufacturers directions and tighten the gib screws.

4. Fold this card over the sharp knife-edge so a clean crease is formed.

Mail the card to: Wood Tech Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 2226, Fairview, NC 28730. If you have any questions, please call us: 1-800-TOOLING.

Nicked knives that are still sharp can now be easily side shifted in opposite directions to eliminate lines in the planned wood surface and to greatly extend the usable life of each knife.

With POSI-SET you have all the advantages of index tooling at a fraction of the cost.

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If this card is not  2" x 3.5", you can download a .pdf of the card and print it out on your printer.

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