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—25" Bars, 60 Degree Corrugations

  • Easier to Grind
  • Higher Quality, 25% longer run time than M2-HSS
  • (AISI) 18% Tungsten (W) Wolfram
  • Recommended for Long Runs and jointed applications
  • Better resistance to abrasive glue lines
  • Made in Sheffield, England
  • Quality you can trust!


Part # Size Price
T151256 5/16" x1-1/4" CALL
T151506 5/16" x1-1/2" CALL
T151756 5/16" x1-3/4" CALL
T152006 5/16" x2" CALL
T152256 5/16" x2-1/4" CALL
T152506 5/16" x2-1/2" CALL
T152756 5/16" x2-3/4" CALL
T153006 5/16" x3" CALL
T153256 5/16" x3-1/4" Not Available
T153506 5/16" x3-1/2" Not Available

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