M3 CORRUGATED MOULDER KNIFE STEEL —25" Bars, 60 Degree Corrugations

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M-3 Characteristics
There are characteristics inherent in the base material of M-3 that can offer a better finish and longer run time than other knife steels. These improved results have been proven in both hardwood and softwood applications in plants throughout North America. The molecular structure of the M-3 steel exhibits increased levels of carbon, vanadium and molybdenum, which can increase the wear resistance in the tooling. When used in certain woodworking applications M-3 has demonstrated manufacturing differences including longer production runs, improved product finish and longer tool life.

Quality Manufacturing
This USA-made M-3 premium knife steel is manufactured to exacting tolerances and specially heat treated to deliver a consistent hardness throughout the entire thickness of the knife steel. This complete control over the heat-treating and tempering process produces stress free and distortion free bar stock that makes it easy to grind the desired pattern into the knife.

Part # Size Price
M341256 1/4" x1-1/4" Not Available
M341506 1/4" x1-1/2" CALL
M341756 1/4" x1-3/4" CALL
M342006 1/4" x2" CALL
M342386 1/4" x2-3/8" CALL
M342506 1/4" x2-1/2" CALL
M351256 5/16" x1-1/4" CALL
M351506 5/16" x1-1/2" CALL
M351756 5/16" x1-3/4" CALL
M352006 5/16" x2" CALL
M352256 5/16" x2-1/4" CALL
M352386 5/16" x2-3/8" CALL
M352506 5/16" x2-1/2" CALL
M352756 5/16" x2-3/4" CALL
M353006 5/16" x3" CALL
M353256 5/16" x3-1/4" Not Available
M353506 5/16" x3-1/2" Not Available

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