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Wood Tech is pleased to include the CMT family of products in our online catalog. Please visit often over the next few weeks because we will be adding the complete line of CMT's offerings. For now, look over this list of new products and related show special offerings good until further notice.
CMT's New Industrio™ Routing System

The original Industrio Router Table System hs made an enormous impact on woodworkers. Now we're taking a great table a few steps further, with the New CMT Industrio Routing System. The latest generation of the popular Sommerfeld/CMT router table, the Industrio System features a host of new features:

  • A precision-cut 11-3/4"x 14-3/4" Phenolic Insert Plate for easier router installation
  • An improved Fence with quick-adjustment knobs and clamps on each end
  • Integral Scales on both ends of the table for fast, accurate fence adjustment
  • Optional Miter Gauge and molded Featherboards

Of course, the New Industrio Routing System still includes all the features that have made this router table so popular, including a tough phenolic top that's virtually warp-free, a sturdy melamine cabinet, and our unique pivoting fence.

Item # Description List Price

New Industrio Routing System
Special Show Price includes shipping

Router Table Components and Accessories:
999.501.03 CMT Router Table Cabinet CALL
999.501.04 3-Pc. Zero Clearance Set CALL
999.501.06 Dual Post and Guard CALL
999.501.07 Molded ABS Featherboard CALL
999.501.08 Miter Gauge CALL
999.501.09 Phenolic Table Top CALL
999.501.10 Pivoting Fence CALL
999.501.11 Interlocking Ring Set CALL
999.501.33 Centering Tool CALL
Pocket Pro Click here to go CMT's Pocket-Pro Jointery System!
Think you know pocket hole jigs? Not unless you know the Pocket-Pro!
This system is designed to work with the CMT Router Table's Phenolic top!
Starter System Price Starts at $67.90!
Get an Even Better Value with Saw Blade Packages!
These five special promotional packages include your choice of our most popular 10" or 12" blades, plus our 7-1/4" Framing/Decking or Finishing blade and a 18 oz. bottle of CMT's super 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner.
Package # Description List Price

General Purpose 10" Table Saw Pack 251.042.10, 250.024.07, 998.001.01

SBP002 General Purpose 12" Miter Saw Pack 251.045.12, 250.024.07, 998.001.01 CALL
SBP003 Fine Cut 10" Miter Saw Pack 253.060.10,250.024.07, 998.001.01 CALL
SBP004 Fine Finish 12" Miter Saw Pack 253.072.12, 250.024.07, 998.001.01 CALL
SBP005 Fine Finish 10" Premium Saw Pack 255.080.12, 250.024.07, 998.001.01 CALL
New Industrial Thin Kerf Blades
CMT's new ITK blades feature quality, durability and value that are setting new standards in blade technology. These blades are built to exacting standards with the finest laser-cut plates and micrograin carbide tips.
Blade Description Item No. Dia. Inches Teeth Z Bore List Price


250.024.07 7-1/4" 24 5/8"<> CALL
250.024.08 8-1/4" 24 5/8"<> CALL
Rip 250.024.10 10" 24 5/8" CALL
Finishing 251.040.07 7-1/4" 40 5/8"<> CALL
Finishing 251.040.08 8-1/4" 42 5/8"<> CALL
251.042.10 10" 42 5/8" CALL
Purpose Miter
251.045.12 12" 45 1" CALL
Fine Cut-off 252.060.10 10" 60 5/8" CALL
Fine Cut-off 252.072.12 12" 72 1" CALL
Fine Cut-off 252.096.14 14" 96 1" CALL
Finish Comp. Miter 253.060.08 8-1/2" 60 5/8" CALL
Finish Comp. Miter 253.060.10 10" 60 5/8" CALL
Finish Comp. Miter 253.072.12 12" 72 1" CALL
Finish Comp. Miter 253.096.14 14" 96 1" CALL
Fine Finish 255.080.10 10" 80 5/8" CALL
Fine Finish 255.096.12 12" 96 1" CALL
Combination 256.030.07 7-1/4" 30 5/8"<> CALL
Combination 256.035.08 8-1/4" 35 5/8"<> CALL
Combination 256.050.10 10" 50 5/8" CALL
Click here to see which knives are included in each set.

CMT's New Insert Shaper System

Save on these two complete sets, or select your knives from over 100 available profiles!

Both of these new sets include a precision-machined aluminium cutterhead in your choice of four bore diameters: 3/4", 1", 1-3/16" and 1-1/4", plus 13 pairs in high quality M2 steel knives. The knives are automatically positioned by integral pins for a perfect, safe fit! Each set includes thirteen pairs of knives and a sturdy molded case. If you don't see the profile you need, CMT offers 100 different sets of knives - you're bound to find the perfect style!
Click here to see over 170 Cutterhead Profiles

Description Item number Price
13 Piece Cabinet and Joinery Set - 3/4" 692.013.09 CALL
13 Piece Cabinet and Joinery Set - 1" 692.013.10 CALL
13 Piece Cabinet and Joinery Set - 1-3/16" 692.013.02 CALL
13 Piece Cabinet and Joinery Set - 1-1/4" 692.013.11 CALL
13 Piece Moulder and Profile Set - 3/4 692.013.12 CALL
13 Piece Moulder and Profile Set - 1" 692.013.13 CALL
13 Piece Moulder and Profile Set - 1-3/16" 692.013.06 CALL
13 Piece Moulder and Profile Set - 1-1/4" 692.013.14 CALL
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