Bardo Sanding Wheels: Availability Chart, Saw Polishing Wheel Chart, Shaping Instructions, Other Bardo Wheels, Flapwheels, Interleafs

Bardo Flex Shapeable Sanding Wheel Recommended Starting Points

Sanding raw poplar, bass, MDF, pine, cedar, mahogany mouldings & slats:

To remove knife marks:

Blend/Finish Spec #SF-12

To prep for stain:

Interleaf 180 grit

If knife marks are not fully removed, next step is:

Blend/Finish Spec #AF-12

If too aggressive on bass, use:

Interleaf 320 grit

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Sanding raw oak and cherry mouldings, case goods and furniture frames

To remove knife marks:

Sanding Spec. #AM-00

To prep for stain:

Interleaf 120 grit

If knife marks are not fully removed, next step is:

Woodworking (3"ID) Garnet JL 40 grit

Sanding raw ash, hard maple, hickory mouldings

To remove knife marks:

Woodworking Garnet HD 40 grit (ash)     Woodworking Garnet HD 60 grit (hard maple)

To prep for stain:

Woodworking Garnet HD 80 grit

Most to Least Aggressive "Buffing" Wheels for Between Coats


Interleaf 220 grit

After water-based primer on MDF


Interleaf 320 grit

Generally good on natural boards


Sanding Spec. #SSF-00

After white primer on quality MDF


Flapwheel Sic SFN MD

Good on solvent based primers/stains


Interleaf White 180 & 220

Excellent finish, low-cost on MDF


Flapwheel White Type-T HD

Only wipe-off or antiquing

When looking for more sanding removal, rotate aluminum oxide wheel into direction of feed.

When finishing - always use silicon carbide wheel

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