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NEW! - Bardo Impregnated Flapwheels
--------Our most popular product!-------

The New Bardo Impregnated Flapwheels are straight non-woven abrasive flapwheels with 1 of 2 unique clear impregnations. Originally developed for scuffing for adhesion between coats of Ultra Violet (UV) coatings, these unique looking and unique acting lineal moulding sanding wheels are becoming the #1 sanding product we manufacture! We discovered that they are pretty awesome sanding wheels!

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Bardo Flex Flapwheels

Bardo Flex Flapwheels are flexible, very conformable wheels made with non-woven abrasive material. You may have seen or been using Aluminum Oxide (Red) Finishing Flap Brushes now, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the finish achieved with a Bardo Flex Flapwheel in SILICON CARBIDE Fine, Very Fine or Super Fine grit size after solvent based stain or sealer has been applied. Aluminum Oxide Medium Grit size flapwheels are used on raw mouldings when cutter blades are in pretty good condition.

Bardo Flex White Flapwheels

Bardo Flex Flapwheels are the least expensive wheels we manufacture. Made from NON-ABRASIVE material this wheel acts more as a wipe-off rather than a sanding wheel. When powder coatings are applied and need to be left behind only in the grain of natural boards for an antique finish, this wheel is wonderful. If you have a 5-head sander, and are using only 3 heads, this wheel is perfect for the last head to clean off moulding.

Bardo Flex Interleafs

Bardo Flex Interleafs are made with soft, white sandpaper between non-woven abrasive material. They are excellent multi-purpose LIGHT, FINISH sanding wheels. Even in their most aggressive grit - 80, they will only remove light knife markes on raw mouldings. One of the MANY things they do absolutely BEST is to prepare a surface to accept sealer, stain or primer. They are used on hardwood mouldings like oak for raw board light sanding in 80 and 120 grit, while the most popular grit size - 180 is used for raw wood sanding on poplar, bass, cedar, mahogany and MDF moulding AFTER knife marks have been removed by Bardo Flex Blend/Finish #SF-12. While 220 and 320 grit are used between sealer coats, 200 grit is commonly used to sand after primer on MDF.

Bardo Flex White Interleafs

Bardo Flex White Interleafs are available with soft, white 180 or 220 grit sandpaper between white non-abrasive material to create a terrific, low cost buffing wheel. It acts FINER than our regular 320 grit. Wonderful buffed finishes are produced after white primer on MDF and after stain on poplar or bass louvers and shutters.

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Bardo Impregnated Flapwheels

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Bardo Flex Flapwheels

Bardo Flex Interleafs